The gifts...fess up...good, bad and the ugly?

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  1. neothespian

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    Well, this has been one of the first Christmases that I've honestly celebrated in a while, and since I'm going out of town on Christmas Morning to see my parents we decided to celebrate the holiday in the traditional way since my girl's Polish: Christmas Eve dinner, presents, and then *sigh* Mass (I promise I was good and didn't try to correct the priest in his Latin and was a good boy).

    But, there's the enivetable: What was the take?

    Here it was a small but nice Christmas. Got two great gifts in the form of a Craftsman Analog torque wrench and a book I've been lusting over, "Vespa: Style In Motion" published by Piaggio. Her sister got me some sort of froofy hoodie from a custom ski shop that is all sorts of Trendy Eco-Friendly recycled soda bottle and is ill fitting :roll: But at least my girlfriend enjoyed her gift: The Simpsons video game and a new HJC 3/4 helmet for her scooter.

    But the best part: The stocking she made for me:)

  2. elguapo

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    Gift card to Checkers auto parts (nice!) and a laptop backpack for my work laptop.
    More gifts TBD later....

    Cute stocking!

  3. Promised 1 Springfield XD9 or 40 Just gotta do all the paperwork. Weightbench. A box of Kansas City New York Strip Steaks. more to open in the morning. Nothing bad yet, unless you count all the cookies I got from the family, will gain a good 5-10 pounds this holiday.
  4. The only presents that I have opened so far was a 8x6 foot dome tent since my last tend decided to crash on me, and a 35,000 RPM Dremel Tool.... WOOT!!! Gonna be doing some SERIOUS polishing with that dremel tomorrow. All of my pistol feed ramps, my Hi-Point mag feed lips, and the list goes on!!! I can't wait!
  5. I got another dremel too! Well it's a cheap dremel, I wanted a little one to do polish jobs where a high power one (like my other two are) isn't needed. Plus a dremel accessory kit. A gun cleaning kit. A lumbar massager, and a bunch of other stuff. It was a great christmas.
  6. My wife started working a few months ago, after a long hard health battle as many of you know. She wanted to get me a very special gift.


    My sons also got me some small stuff - but they each, on their own gave me a card today in which they wrote personal notes. Brought tears to my eyes. Family over today later on, ready to go eat brunch which I'll help cook.

    It's been a very nice Christmas!
  7. Got one that really surprised me. My aunt that lives next door to me and I take care of, yesterday took me to the Dodge Dealership and bought a 2007 Dodge Caravan and put my name on the title with hers.

    Has to be the best present I have ever got!
  8. OH YOU SUCK! I LOVE THAT PISTOL! It's sooo nice. If you ever come to NC lemme know and I'll pay for all the ammo if you bring the EMP. Beautiful Pistol man, lucky SOB!
  9. z71silverado98

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    Got a CAA 6piece Pistol grip and stubby vert grip from my girl
    the Pistol grip is awesome, i suggest anyone w/ an AK or AR get one. Best grip ive seen for the AK. If anyone does get one ill trade ya the 2 sets of smaller inserts as i have no use for em.

    another p11 (courtesy of my boss)

    a Carhardt Jacket

    a River Rock 1.5w LED light

    and $150 worth of gift cards to my sporting goods store
  10. Fenix

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    leather jacket, iBrick (ipod classic), and a cell phone charger :roll: and clothes which i tell everyone not to keep buying, soon i'm going to be living in the car cause the house is full of clothes :p guess i'm headed to goodwill when I get back. Merry christmas ya'll
  11. I got a Bersa 380 with wrap around grips ( I picked it out at the gunshow a couple months ago and was allowed to break it in ) an extra mag for it ,3 boxes of ammo , a mag for my XD-9 , Radio Shack wind up am/fm/tv1/tv2/weather radio .
  12. christmas loot

    2 big tins of popcorn ( the good stuff )
    a meat and cheese assortment
    more popcorn
    couple of gift cards to the movie theaters
    new digital camera
    not to mention my early gift of a big horn 2 tent
  13. No uglies, and my brother always comes through: two mags for my ancient Iberia .40, and a book about frontier life in Illinois. Not like it's going to shake your britches, but it did mine, since Illinois genealogy is a hot button.

    As mentioned elsewhere, Hi-Point dropped a new 995 on my doorstep in the course of honoring their inscrutably self-damaging but publicly-awarding warranty. I cannot love them enough.

    My parents, God love 'em, gave me a pair of shoes. They are, in fact, another pair of the type I have and wear in inestimable comfort (and I'm hard to fit), so that is a _great_ gift.

    And my lovely wife gave me a pass to buy some tools that I want at Lowes, a gift that I hope will provide conversational fodder here, after some experimentation with stocks. :)
  14. Ari

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    an EMP now that is a heart felt gift
  15. Silicon Wolverine

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    Best Family hierloom dickson .22 revolver and handmade holster owned by great great uncle.

    worst- this godawful green turtleneck that i wouldnt use for grease rag.

  16. Grease rag? LOL! I got 4 pair of underwear, a couple of movies, and a couple of plastic tool boxes so I can make up some shooting range boxes...
  17. jason865

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    A pair of pj's, shooting gloves, .223 ammo, A carrying case for usb jump drives (although I dont own a single jump drive), microwave stand, fleece comforter, some cash that I plan to use for a carry pistol or a xbox 360, and the wife and I are getting a flatscreen for our living room this weekend as our present to each other.
  18. An emergency generator and a commercial grade vacuum sealer, a new holster, fleece shirt, 100 bags for the vacuum sealer, reloading supplies and...

    Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies.

    Others TBD

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    I really don't judge gifts as it is all from the heart if I'd have to decide the best would be
    1 My niece having her surgury and feeling better and my nepwew getting his job he needed. And the fact he is going to church with his wife and kids again
    2 My other niece has a new boyfriend who is a profffesional and she says she is wvry happy
    3 The whole families health is generally good
  20. DLC

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    200 Rounds of Ammo...... :D Just what I asked for.
    $50 gift card for more ammo
    MP5 AirSoft Gun
    Shirts for work......greatly needed.

    And this is the best gift from my wife. I have always seen this photo in the sports bars and have made comments of hopfully having one someday. THANKS HONEY! :D