the good, the bad, and the ugly...

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  1. the good:

    things started off very well today.. i was at wally world, and decided to "ease" my way to the sporting area. my wally world hasn't had any 9mm in stock for 5 wks. "yes, we do have 9mm ammo in stock today. we also have the winchester value pack (100 rounds) for $18.00."
    :D :D
    did i mention it's 84degress and sunny today? called a friend up, and he said, "i'm not going to be at my house, but you can come by and set a few targets if you like." i grabbed a few toys, and off i went.. zoom zoom

    c9- fired 6 clips with no problems... if you don't think she is top heavy, try going through 6 clips without a break. :shock: i fired a mixture of winchester, blazer, and s&p... no sight adjustment needed from last range visit.

    the bad...

    marlin 30.30 - POW!!
    after warming up with the c9, i took a snack break, and removed my ear plugs. first shot with the marlin made me realized why i always wear ear protection. did someone said something? :D i love this rifle, and the lever action on it. i'm not still quite comfortable with her, but we will learn to love each other... :lol:

    the ugly

    995 - after firing a 20 round box of ammo with the marlin, i was looking forward to something smoother, and decided my carbine 995 would be the answer. 1st mag was smooth like butter. no ftf or fte. wow, not bad for a new mag. 2 mag.. JAM on 1st round. no problem, charging handle spitted it out like an old piece of gum. JAM on 2 rd... this time no luck with the charging handle. eject mag, dump out round, but my charging handle remaned "stucked to the rear." i could not release my charging handle from the rear position. check the chamber twice, and it's empty.
    before i contact hi point, anyone has any advice why this happen?
    fyi - i was using all new mags today, and i did have them following loaded for 2 weeks before my range visit. before this visit to the range, i only fired 50 rounds through my 995, with blazer ammo.
  2. Tried tightening the charging handle (if it worked itself loose) and jiggling it a little? I know it's simple, but it might work.

  3. problem fixed... did the opposite, an untighten the charging handle... thanks.. not sure what caused that... gonna clean her up, and try a few more rounds tomorrow...
  4. Glad I could help :). Contrary to popular opinion, I AM good for something around here.

    That was it, and I'll just have bad advice for the rest of the month... I'm only allowed one good suggestion a month :).
  5. it worked for me!!... now, do your job, and give out bad advice for the remainder of this month... 8)
  6. Make sure someone you don't like is standing behind your target so if your bullet over-penetrates you don't risk a stray round flying off into the unknown and hitting someone else :).