The Good Wife's Guide

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  1. you could save time by just jumping off a bridge ya know!! :lol: :lol:

  2. I need to show that to my wife....Now who is going to let me stay at their house tonight?
  3. A few years back our Principal used this as an example of changing expectations in a staff development day. She thought it would be good for a laugh and everyone would dismiss it. She was a bit horrified to see the men laugh and comment along the lines of 'That's how it ought to be' which started a true argument between them and some women who wanted to start singing, demonstrating, and burning bras.

    A good time was had by all (except the Principal who was wishing she'd realized just how militant some women are)

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    OK Taurus, I dare you, Be a man and show that to your wife. I double dare you. BUT!! Hide the guns first :wink:
  5. Nice... I'd send this to a girl I know, but I'd probably get punched lol.
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    Man that's hard to believe they actually had women like that back then.
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    I periodically print that off at work. Mind you I am a nurse and work with 130 women. LOL
    You can always find this one at work on the bulletin boards on Valentine day, Sweetest Day and of course, MOTHER'S DAY!
    Oh how 50 years can change society.
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    A testament to the good ol'e days.

    Or glory days.

    Try that now and find yourself casterated.
  9. My wife is a beleiver :D

    I get at least one, sometimes two back rubs a day in addition to all the above and a wife who buys me guns.

    It's good to be me :D
  10. You mean this isn't how your wives behave? My wife is the first one I forwarded this to. :)
  11. I would show that to my wife, but she would just laugh and go about her business
  12. Yea, that's what mine did.
  13. LOL! Here honey, look at this......... [ducking]
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    mine just laughed so hard it scared my 5 yr old.
  15. HA! Good.
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    Mrs.GlockMan just loaded up her SUV and said something about a road trip to Fayetteville, NC. Wonder why she would be heading down there? Something about a shallow grave and knowing her place!
  17. Uhhooo....and here I am with a gimp paw.
  18. Ya know, that wife in the picture looks to me to be mid 20's. So now she'd be around 80?

    I think the wife of that era may be a little bit out of range, but I'm doing fine with the one I got.

    The only thing in that article that I do really agree with is that time I walk in the door is not the time to process every thought that's been buzzing around the wife's head all day. And I have to say, after some retooling our communication, I don't have that problem usually.
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    I like the part about him staying out all night and that it's not a problem.
    Do you guys think we can get away with that anymore? I'd say wed have divorce papers looking at us in the morning.