The great CF 380 Day at the range.

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  1. What a great day today at the range. I normally shoot every Thursday with my local Gun Club, but sense Thursday was turkey day we did not shoot.
    So Today I had a chance to finish Breaking in my new CF 380. The first week I had it I shot about 125 rounds without a single hiccup. Then two weeks ago another 125 great shooting all is well. The CF shoots as good as my C9 and JHP 45 No issues just shoots straight down the range. While I was packing up my gear and preparing to leave, the next lane to me I heard a Lady complain to her Husband that her new Sig Sauer was having problems. Some Jams and Failure to feed. He said to her that any new gun might need some break-in time. I guess he is right and I still think people just like to bash Hi Points Just because they are affordable and have never owned one. With that I just smiled to myself without commenting and thought what a great time I had with my Black Swan from an Ugly Duckling. Hi Point made my Day.:D
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    I shoot every Tuesday also, today I ran about 125 rounds through my Model C Comp. I used a variety of ammo, Blazer 124 grain, Eagle 115 grains, and Perfecta 115 grain. Everything ran great, zero malfunctions. I guess all those new parts did the trick, this was the first time I shot more than 100 rounds without a malfunction. It was cycling great and everything with the new parts, so big thanks to MOm for not charging me for them.


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    Nice shooting! ;)
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