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  1. Which do You prefer..........
    The digital/electronic lock
    The combination lock
    and WHY.
    Give me the pro's and con's.
    I'm getting close to purchasing one and I need some information since some/all of You own one.
    Also, if it matters. It will be a stand-up one for about 5 rifles. Naturally the rest of the space will be for accessories and hand gun/s etc.
    Thank you!
  2. rift

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    i myself will not put any thing extreamly important in anything that requires electronics to open or use

  3. vallen

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    I have an electronic pistol safe next to the bed for quick access (key override), but for my main safe, I'd go Combination.
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  5. I have a key style gun safe and like it more than the combination lock safe I had before my current one. With the key lock safe I can get it open even with no light in the room, try that with a combination.

    Electronic key pad locks dont sit well with me, but most do have a key over ride/secondary in the event something happens to the electronics.

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    like rimfire said a combonation safe will be harder to get into in a hurry. i have only had key safes and they work fine as long as you know where your key and the extra one are at all times.... i dont mind the electronic types, they would be easy to get in quick, and i guess im young enough that i trust electronics, at least something simple as a key pad, i think they have that type of technology down.

    i would go with a key or a digital keypad
  7. hipoint.nut

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  8. Check this out:

    I made a best offer bid about 10 days ago of $175.05 plus shipping and won; no guarantee on that however.

    It's a great safe; not a fire safe but has an included locking compartment in the top and hangers on the door. Best of all has two bolts on the side and one on top and bottom so should slow folks down trying to break in. Has a key override in case you battery dies. Weighs about 125 pounds, 11 guage steel. You can bolt it down to wall with included hardware.

    Edit: to clarify and expand.
  9. I have the combo electronic/key open safe. It is quick to get open and have practiced enough I can do it with my eyes closed (for darkness reasons). Only complaint I have with this (an all the other electronics I looked at) is that there is an audible beep per key pressed which could alert the BG. Other then that I am happy with my choice.
  10. i do both - but don't carry key with me. So I can get into the electronic fast, with my eyes closed and in the dark, etc. But all safes I own have a key entry too.
  11. I saw one at the place where I took my CWP class that has a finger print reader on it. I think that would be the best way to go.
  12. Those can be slow, depends on the speed of the computer chip inside it as to how fast it opens.
  13. The one at the place where I took my class was pretty quick I told my wife that I would like one. Don't think that it will ever happen any time soon but I think it's the way to go if you get a good one.
  14. Thank you ALL for the feedback.............
  15. I would love to get one of the finger print recognition safes, those things rock and can be programed for multiple family members if you wish. Still a bit out of my price range but I definatly see one coming my way in the future.
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    Murphy's law states if you use something that requires batteries to operate, when you need it most the batteries will be dead.

    I use a keyed safe.

  17. Well, I did it. Purchased this past Sunday a "Stack-On" cabinet and a Stack-On safe for the "other" location. I took my time shopping for My needs and this is what I came up with. I would have preferred the safe instead of the cabinet but for the price and what I have to store inside, it was well worth it. I can always upgrade if need be. The cabinet was an 8 gun for $99.00 and the safe was $52.50 BUT I got it for $47.50 because they had left the 2007 price tag on it :wink: ! Plus I'm in NH and there is no sales tax.....I ended up paying less than $150. on equipment. I feel 100% better now knowing I have my firearms safe from my Kids (instead of just trigger locks). Next on my list will be the class for "Home Defense" this coming spring.
    Thnx again for All the feedback/suggestions.
  18. Those safes are good protection from the casual thief, I have 2 Stackon and 2 Homak myself.

    I only wish they protected against fire too, but if money is a factor you do the best you can do with what you have.

    If the safe is light with your weapons in it, you may want to secure it to the floor or a wall stud to make sure someone cant simply carry the whole thing out of the door.

    I drilled and bolted 3 of mine together to make one huge safe, and the other one is too big to move loaded so I solved that problem :)

    mine are all key safes, btw. I do not trust the battery operated electronic ones
  19. Yes, the Stack-On cabinets are "key". And it will get lagged to the wall/floor once I know for sure where it is going to go.....permanent. As it is right now, there is weight to it......ammo boxes with plenty guessed it, ammo! :D
    Like you said, "good protection from the casual thief".
    Just hope they don't find my Sawz-All first! :oops:
  20. I try to have someone home at all times so the BG will not have ample time to figure out his best move as to how to take thinks apart to make it easier to carry out.

    If they run into my wife, they had better be armed or the are in big trouble. Large redheads are not to be messed with LOL