The Gun Store lied ?

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    We shot a friends 995 carbine and I decided to get one for my wife. No local shops had one but one had a 4095. I have a ton of 40cal. ammo, so I bought it. We've shot around 250 rounds through it flawlessly. Love the gun. When I bought it, I asked the shop owner about a 30 round mag. He stated there were none available, but Hi Point was working on it and would be offering them soon. Since then, I find out they have no intention of producing such a mag. I ordered 2 extras directly from them, but it's still a pain switching while at the range. Just wondering if Hi Point thinks the high capacity won't sale or pressure from gun reform groups stopped development. ?
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    yeah he's a moron, call him up and tell him he heard wrong lol.

    i agree especially when siting in at 80yds, i dislike the 10 rounders.

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    I doubt that the LGS dude intentionally lied. I suspect he's just misinformed or misunderstood something he read.

    Several years back, HP stated that they were working on 15 round mags for the carbines; the 994 (ims). Delivery of product was reported to be "soon." But for whatever reason HP never actually came out with this mag and they clammed up about the project. I've heard several speculations as to why ranging from "the owner of the company doesn't want them" on though "killed due to gun-ban/mag-cap-ban legislation scare." But, personally, I really think that the most likely explanation is two-fold.

    First, I think that HP is having a really hard time getting a single column 15 round 9mm magazine to run reliably. The slight taper of the 9mm cartridge makes nosedives an ever greater issue as the length of the magazine expands, particularly in single-column magazines. This is a well known issue and some wildcatters have even taken up the challenge to "fix" it. Further, the simple fact is that HP has a reputation for making magazines of hit-n-miss quality. The fact that we have tutorials here for tweaking poor functioning mags says something. Fortunately, all reports indicate that the latest generation of HP 9mm magazines are far more reliable OOB than earlier generations. But still, it took them a long time to get to this point.

    Second, as much as Hi Point advocates beg and plead for a mag with greater capacity than 10, the fact is that HP doesn't really "need" one to maintain sales. As it is, they're selling the carbines hand-over-fist and, by all reports, can barely keep up with demand. Thus the incentive to increase demand for the product by developing a reliable >10 round mag is very low.

    Those are my bets.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    not to mention the profit gained from a hi cap mag from hi point is little.
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    Seems I read on this website where HP was thinking of 20 rd mags but 30??? Must be a reason HP has not made hi-cap mags. They have had plenty of time to develop them. Shouldn't be too expensive to re-tool for larger cap mags.
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    NE Utah
    Not to mention the fact that the .40 and .45 are straight wall, so should be easier to handle in a longer mag.

    But the reality is...Deebs never wanted it.
    Now that he's sold out....wonder how the new owner feels?
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    Who is the new owner? I don't remember seeing it posted.
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