The GWO...GW? Hit petition over awful Time cover.

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    Twice now Time magazine has had a border on the magazine other than's their thing. The first one was the black border in the issue recounting the events of 9/11. The second one was this week's issue, which was green to bring attention to "global warming," a supposed crisis with a good deal of debate and science on both sides of the argument as to whether or not it's even an issue that mankind has a relevant hand in.

    That, in itself is kind of lame. What's really awful is this: [​IMG]

    When I got the issue I just figured I was the only one who would be incredibly ticked off at just what a low rung this liberal rag has gotten on the actual journalism ladder.

    Check out THIS page to read more about it and check out the petition demanding apologies for equating the hippies in the "war on global warming" to the Marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima.
  2. AGuyNamedMike

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    People still read TIME? Yeah, it's a stupid insult, but men like those pictured died to preserve our right to spew stupid insults. I will continue to not buy TIME, and put my moniker on the petition.

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    Without starting a war here....

    It isn't called Global Warming at least not anymore. Global Warming implies only one effect we have had on the climate...increased warming. In reality it is Climate Change/Shift as we are causing a total change in climate, cold, hot, wet, dry..the whole bit.

    As for the science behind it? There is plenty of science to back it up, and not a lot to disprove it. In fact a lot of the research I have encountered opposing Climate Change reminds me of the executives of the tobacco companies sitting in front of the Supreme Court saying "...I do not believe nicotine is addictive.." or whatever the heck they said!

    As for Time magazine I too believe they have gone down in quality, and to put that photo on the cover takes one of two things, really big family jewels, or a whole lot of stupidity. That photo is just one you don't want to screw with, it means way to much to a lot of people to abuse.
  4. Ridge

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    Yeah Global Warming has been pretty much shot down by all scientists and even the owner of The Weather Channel...

    It was I think 40 years ago that scientists were screaming about Global Cooling and how we'll all be eskimos in no time!
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    Wow, you must've not really done much research. Just because the media tends to support the idea, doesn't make it right. The actual evidence itself doesn't support the idea that we're causing the world's climate to change. The number of web-pages or news stories on one side or the other, doesn't have anything to do with what's actually right.

    Just because Al Gore says it, doesn't make it so... It's just a bunch of sensationalism, designed to convince the sheeple to send money Al and Company, and to give government more control over business...

    Here's a short video that you might be interested in. [ame][/ame]
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    Really have to agree with the others. Recheck your research about "man made" global warming. The rhetoric politicians (liberal) spew is that man has created the warming. Complete and utter poo.
    Back to the time cover and the link to the petition. I am not one to type in my e-mail address on-line but I did so for the petition.
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    I think that its really overstating our presence to say that man is the sole cause of global warming...people who think we are more powerful than we really are...
  8. The Earth is an ever-changing environment. Has been for a very, very, very, very long time. Much longer then we've been around.

    Are we having an impact on it's changes? Probably. Is it as profound as is being claimed? Doubtful.

    IMHO, I think Mother Earth is getting ready to shed a few million pounds of human fat.