The Hanford boys

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    This is just a small part if the herd on the Hanford Nuclear reservation. Thought you guys might enjoy.
  2. LIAR!!!!! Wildlife and Nuclear can't coexist!

    Next you'll show us a pic of Wildlife and Oil Wells........ how dare you.

  3. Those would look good on my dinner plate and over the fire place :).
  4. and this is only a small part of the herd. Now to really stir the pot, the fishing along the reservation is great.
  5. It's kinda hard to tell, but I don't see any with more than four legs.

    Quite possibly unrelated, but my best college bud died of cancer at 46 after living for years downwind of Hanford.

    I'm planning on moving to WA next year, and have specifically ruled out Walla Walla and environs.
  6. WOW! look at the horns on those cows! Or is that a pack of wild dogs? :D
  7. Lets see a nightime picture. I wanna see those babies glow in the dark.
  8. Do thay really taste like chicken?
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    ... and all this time I thought Jackalopes were solitary.
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    Wow! That one in the middle has 4 front legs, two back legs and two heads.
  11. Hmmm how many clips from my 995 would it take....?
  12. Hmm........I live right here in NW WA, should take a trip out that way this summer. Now you've given me an idea. :)
  13. Wow, that one will feed a small village for a week. Wahooooo!!!!
  14. I worked at a couple of reactors at Hanford from 1965-67 and now we don't even need lights in the house as I glow bright enough to provide all we need.
  15. That IS nighttime. :shock:
  16. That one second from the right looks like a Pushme Pullme from the original Dr. Doolittle. Two racks for the price of one!
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    What kind of drugs you been drankin? :D I want a couple bottles of that. :wink: