Hi-Point is well known for its line of tactical carbines and full sized pistols. What you may not know is that the company also offers a pretty good .380. Let us look at the Hi-Point CF380 when compared with some of the classic .380s popular in the country.

The People's Champion:

As the main contender, Hi-Point's CF380 pistol is a semi-compact recoil-operated pistol. Its overall length is 6.75" with a 3.5" barrel. Overall weight is 29 ounces due to its use of a high-impact polymer frame and zamak-3 black powder coated slide. It has an 8-shot magazine standard and a 10-shot magazine also available. The weapon is chambered in .380 Auto and is manufactured by Beemiller, Inc. in Mansfield, Ohio. The suggested retail is $135 but they can often be had for about $100.


Vs. The Walther PPK

The venerable Walther has been around for almost a century and was long the sidearm of choice for such operators as the German Army's officer corps, and the fictional James Bond. The Walther is only narrowly smaller (at 6.1-inches overall and 23-ounces) than the Hi-Point mouse gun. While it is atheistically more pleasing, almost being too pretty to shoot, the price of a new one is right at $500. For that, you can buy three CF380s and have some left for ammo.


Vs. The Ruger LCP

The Ruger LCP (Lightweight Compact Pistol) is a subcompact, .380 ACP pocket pistol introduced in 2008, borrowing almost all of the useful features of every .380 design ever made. Unlike the Hi-Point, the LCP lacks certain features required for sale in California or Massachusetts. It is the cutting edge of the tiny, ultra-light defensive pistols on the market at just 9.4 ounces and 5.16 inches overall. However, the Hi-Point, while larger, offers usable sights whereas the LCP only alludes to such. The CF380 also costs less than half as much, has a larger magazine, and a lifetime no-questions asked warranty. Ruger publicly states that they do not have any warranty.

Vs. The Kel-Tec P-3AT

The P-3AT is a locked breech, double action only .380 ACP pistol designed and manufactured by Kel-Tec since 2004. The gun is much smaller than the Hi-Point at 11-ounces and 5.2-inches overall. It also comes in a wide array of colors and finishes. The Hi-Point has a bump over this, as its barrel is 3.5-inches long and provides a marginally longer sight picture. Like the comparison with the Ruger and Walther, the Hi-Point also offers a larger magazine capacity over the 6-shot mag of the P-3AT. The Kel-Tec, while cheaper than most other competitors, is still more than $100 more than the Hi-Point of the same caliber.

Many people turn their nose up at the Hi-Point 380, but when you compare it to the competition, things become a little more interesting.