In the mid-1990s when the original (now dubbed the "Classic") Hi-Point M995 carbine came out on the market, I thought it was a prop gun from the old 1968 movie Planet of the Apes.

Outerwear Sleeve Gesture Military uniform Collar

(First impression)

This is now a classic gun...

Nevertheless, a local gun shop at the time offered these for $150 with two ten-shot magazines included. As I had at the time an almost unlimited supply of free 9mm Parabellum rounds available through my department, it was a gamble worth taking. I liked the little carbine pretty good at the time, although it had few drawbacks. Namely the stock felt a little cheaply made and mushy, the magazine only held ten rounds and you could not get any larger ones, and the whole "....damned dirty apes" angle. It had a nice active safety that could be worked by feel even in the dark (which I like.) The sights were a little over-engineered for my liking but worked well enough to put rounds on paper, as far out at the 9mm ballistics would carry them. It held open on the last round, went off every time I pulled the trigger, and was made in the good ole US of A. It was fun around the camp, banged around the trunk/bed of my car/truck, and the kids even liked shooting it. Nonetheless, I traded it away a few years later in a deal that I cannot even remember.

Wish I hadn't.

Enter the 995TS

In 2009, Hi-Point, anxious no doubt to appease the legions of gun owners who always want more, introduced the improved 995TS. The TS part of the new model stood for "Tactical Stock" and Hi-point meant really meant it. The stock on the TS model includes Picatinny-style accessory rails at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions. This quickly allows one to add and remove broomstick forward grips, flashlights, active red or green laser pointers, IR lasers, and other groovy new things that were just a pipe dream for owners of the old Classic design.

  • Caliber: 9mm, 40S&W and .45ACP (it is about time!)
  • Mode of Fire: Semi-Auto
  • Overall Length: 31"
  • Barrel length: 16.5"
  • Weight w/out Mag: 6.25 lbs.
  • Ammunition Capacity: 10 round magazines detachable (9mm version)
Other improvements were added including brightly colored inserts to make the formerly very dark sights stand out faster. The buttstock is skeletonized and includes a spring loaded recoil buffer butt plate. While this is not truly needed on a pistol caliber carbine, it is a nice bonus. Better yet, all Hi-Point firearms carry a lifetime, "no-questions asked warranty." Whether you are the original purchaser, or the third-hand owner, your Hi-Point firearm will be repaired free of charge.

They still seem to run as accurate and reliable as the old classic I used to own:

These bad boys run about $225 on gunbroker. That is $75 more than the old Classic version I bought nearly twenty years ago, but I have one coming and I do not think I will trade it away,...... even to damned dirty apes.

The classic (left) compared to the new generation (right)