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If you run into a Hi Point hater, tell them about the Hi Point warranty. Then see if you can get them to agree with this statement. "If Hi Points are as lousy as you claim the Hi Point warranty will bankrupt the company within 5 years". Now get them to put there money where there mouth is!
I will bet you (fill in the amount) that Hi Point will not only exsit but be selling more (fill in your favorite Hi Point model) than (fill in gun snobs favorite company and favorite model) sells!

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The biggest hater argument ...well stance i run into is the "well I value my life a little more then to risk it on a hp". In the rare occasion is it someone I have seen shoot before..lol and imo the gun would not be my first concern lmao.

I find that internet haters will never be swayed with the warranty stance ..heck some of those web haters I almost sense do not even own a firearm they just like to mingle and dream lol.

But face to face, especially at the range .I think that works well :)

Me personally I like to use the ammo argument.....

"Ok so you spent what $599 on your glock and bought a box of ammo?"

"I can spend $150 on the HP and have to make 3 trips to carry out my ammo for that price" :p
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