The hits just keep on comming.... litterally...

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    So, I'm slugging away at the Taxi job, with a few bits of hope coming up by the fall for better work. I have a possible offer to teach theatrical design at a local High School here in Scottsdale, and I got a Stage Management gig that will help with bills by far starting in the Middle of July and may go all the way to the beginning of September if the run is good.

    Then I rear ended a Jeep at 10mph in the cab. The other guy didn't see any damage, so he took off. I reported it anyways.

    The car's on-board webcam recorded the entire event.

    I'm now unemployed, as per company policy.

    And....get this.... I need $3000 cash for bills by the 4th.


    Yes, I'm griping, but this is just a PITA. Have a plan for some bills, but not all of them.

    Ever get that feeling that someone is trying to tell you something. Must be too stupid to hear what it is.
  2. Sorry to hear of your continuing troubles. I hope you can find some income-generating activity soon and good luck!

    Remember this Neo; 'Just because you aren't paranoid; it doesn't mean they're not out to get you."

    Wear this: [​IMG]

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    Dude, I hope all get's better man, you gotta keep the rest of us liberals happy here on the board, ha ha....

    Seriously though man, just keep hangin' yer head high, and keep on trudgin' through, it's all bound to get better soon man.
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    Man, that sucks. Just hang in there and try to avoid things you might regret later, though I understand that a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. There are probably alot of good men that turn to crime after strings of bad luck like this, but I think you'll be able to hang in there and overcome.

    Good luck, bud.
  5. Awww crap. That big time bites.

    I worry about my buddy who drives trucks. Same kind of deal, can't get any tickets or accidents or anything otherwise he is out of a job.

    Good luck and I hope some good comes your way soon!
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    Good thing you were switching companies anyways, right? right?! Dammit Neo, why did you tell on yourself?
    Well, you did the right thing, and I respect that... but now you gotta move... I don't know why, but you must move now... and you could move to SC! I can hire you on for a weekend 2nd/3rd shift position as it stands doing security... but you probably wont like that line of work. The cost of living in SC is greatly lower than compared to where you are now, the gas is the cheapest in the nation (so they say). God AND Buddah both are trying to tell you to move east and enjoy the southern comfort... it's like any other whiskey but with a little southern touch. :shock:
    I'm serious, look at it like this:
    move here = better living
    leave the theater there = work at the Peace Center here
    We have "Yellow Cab, Budget Cab, Checkers, People's Choice, Greenville Metro, Budget Cab" plus about 3 others that only work the airport @ GSP INTL. I'm sure they have openings for experienced and HONEST drivers. We have cabs, we have a great downtown Greenville, we have Theaters, and many colleges (teach theater there) convenient to the Upstate of SC (Spartanburg, Anderson, and Greenville) It's definately worth looking into... :)

    "It's a beautiful day in the neighbor hood, so won't you be my neighbor? Would you be mine..."
  7. Wow, if that's not a job offer, I don't know WHAT it is.... Shee-zus!

    Sorry to hear about your trouble Neo, let us know if we can help you out in any way. The entire forum is here for our "pet" liberal... :D
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    Thanks guys. It helps.

    As for "telling" on myself, I hate to say it.... but I didn't have much choice :roll: You see, all of our cabs have a "DriveCam" installed, linked to shock sensors at various points, which is also linked to our spedometers and to the GPS based transponders on the car. These record the interior video, exterior video, speed, location, audio and trip information 10 seconds prior to and 10 seconds after an "event" has tripped the system. Then, it relays the information back to dispatch. While there was damage to the headlamp assembly, I would've had to face the fire even if there weren't since the data was already sent the second I struck the car in front of me.

    And, I actually used to live in North Carolina (Charlotte to be exact). Nice and all, but alot of my family are here, and I actually do enjoy Phoenix. While SC has a very strong and emerging arts scene and some great bennies, Phoenix is no slouch either. The problem is that arts jobs are hard to get across the board, and I'm already paying on a place in Flagstaff AND here! So, like it or not, I'm stuck here (well, perhaps stuck is a bad word) until at least my leases on both places are up.

    I'm going in tomorrow to speak to the fleet manager to see if SOMETHING can be done. Hell, I helped spearhead the move to start buying Hybrid cabs for the company right when I came back and was part of the training program to educate the drivers on the new cars. That should stand for something....

    Who knows. I know I'm going to have to sell at least one of the guns. I know, I know.... but I honestly don't have any choice. This couldn't of come at a worse time. Hell, my book keeps getting pushed further and further back by Penguin Press, and my chances of going to press by the fall aren't looking much better.

    Thanks for the vent. Hopefully I can work something out with the cab company just long enough to get more info on one of the other jobs coming up later this year.
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    I am in no way trying to Hawk on this situation, but rather help:
    Neo, if you have a rifle or pistol you need to make go away: I would be willing to buy it. There "IS" a caveat to that as well: Should you want it back, pay me the same and it will be returned exactly as I receive it.
  10. neothespian

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    Noted...and greatly appreciated. Never need to worry about being viewed as a Hawk. Ever.

    That being said, I'm still holding out hope. When it comes down to the wire after tomorrow we'll then see. I'm NOT letting go of the 995 again, nor the C9. That leaves the pimped out Mosin, the SKS, or the NEF breakloader 12ga. Not expensive guns by any means, but you still worry when you're considering such things.

    That being said, I've been emailing the few cab drivers who actually get online (it seems that many cabbies aren't exactly with the rest of society and most don't even have computers), and there have been some reports of drivers who have negotiated a position back after one minor accident. But, they end up having to pay for repairs to the car, pay for a "defensive driving" class with a fee of $200, and I'll loose my seniority. But, at this moment it's anyone's guess. I'll have more info tomorrow.

    Hell, with the nature of the way this city's built, I could always break down and deliver pizzas, which in Phoenix is actually a very lucrative trade! Our unique layout (think LA, but with MORE freeways!) and Nazi-istic traffic and DUI laws make driving jobs like this VERY profitable. It's just that I don't want to abuse my shiny little gem of an SUV or be stuck working evenings, especially when I need those evenings free when the theater season starts. I did it before when I was working on my undergrad and bagged $18/hr easy after fuel costs, but it was hell on the car.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear ya going thru tough times. I have been there myself. I will know if by the end of the month if I have a job or will be sitting at home myself. [Boss is going thru paperwork and has to do some costcutting] Also my sister's new dog went back to the vet for the 3rd time to get rid of a persistant form of kennel cough. [And THAT just cleaned out my wallet!!] Just keep the faith!!
  12. Sorry to hear about the bad mojo Neo, seems like you are going though a bad spell.

    Just remember, its gonna get better. Keep telling yourself that over and over and over.
  13. Hang in there Neo. We're here if you need us. Things will turn around for ya.
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    Hey Neo, what kind of work background do you have? I'm in a business group where most of us own our own businesses. I'm one of the small ones, but some of the other guys have honest-to-God staff. (Oh, those will be heady days when I make enough to need a staff!)
  15. i did this once for a buddy going thru bankruptcy...... :lol: :lol:
  16. My brother did it for me a couple of times. Its good to have good friends or family.
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    I have 12 years of theatrical production and engineering experience along with a decent amount of performance production experience. Throw on top of that about 2 years of teaching at both the private level and the University level and you have a resume that SOUNDS impressive, until you realize that it's in the arts and you're only as good as your last project :roll:

    But, I had a meeting with the cab company and it went better than I though. They reviewed the on-board camera and determined that, while I was at fault, I might be able to get my old position back. Of course, they're going to demand that I pay for the freakin' damages to the car (about $1,000), as well as pay some BS $250 for a safety training class, but the details of that will be hashed out tomorrow. I am inclined not to pay, but we'll see what the higher ups say.
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    Well, it's official:

    I'm canned.

    They wanted all sorts of fees, paying for the deductible on the car ($1000), $250 for the training class, and then wanted to institute a new policy that they JUST started last month that I would need to put a $1000 down as a deposit before leasing a cab. I can't even make my phone bill, so I said forget it...not going to happen.

    So, I went job hunting. Not good stuff these days in the job market. Seems I'm 3 certificates away from being a teacher in this County, and that could take me up to a year to complete. So, I'm not going back to teaching anytime soon. That and the local cities have all but eliminated their civic arts programs (which explains why city events have been nil this year), so not much in the way of city jobs for me.

    IF I can pass the DHS background check, I hear there are openings for translators at Sky Harbour Airport, so I might give that a shot. But right now, I might take you up on that offer ElGuapo. Either that or find some legal schmuck to buy the rifle for full market value, and just build a new one when I get the cash back up (J and G isn't too far away for us... it would be a good excuse). Either that or save up for a Saiga.

    But, yeah..... we're not in a recession :roll:
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