The "Homer?

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    I am wondering what I need to mount this on. Anyone have one of these? I figured for the price it was worth a shot. Decent reviews.


    • 2.5-10x40 Rifle Scope with Red Laser Dual illuminated Mil-dot w/ Rail Mount
    • This hunting Scope Barrel Mount 1"/ 25mm & 30mm Ring Adapter w/ 20mm Weaver Picatinny Rail all functions.
    • 4 Reticle Red Dot Open Reflex Sight with Weaver-Picatinny Rail Mount
    • Rifle Scope with Field oF view ([email protected]):32.5 - 8.9
    • You can get : 1 x 2.5-10x40mm AO Rifle Scope 1 x 4 Reticle Red Dot 1 x Scope Barrel Mount 2 x Lens cover 4 x CR 2032;1 x CR 123(laser) only 1 x Allen key 2 x Cleaning cloth 1 x Mounting tool 1 x Manual instruction

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    NE Utah
    That is OBVIOUSLY designed to go on your sooper-de-dooper .22LR take down sniper rifle 10/22.

    That, or your tacticool 12 pound 16" AR with 100 round Beta mags, with the little .22 zip gun on a rail under the barrel.
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    So it gets the aJole seal of approval?
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    I'd mount it on a pole and worship it. Can't be an idol, since it resembles nothing in heaven or on earth. That's a mall ninja's dream come true!
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    I wonder about you TNT, sometimes you seem rational and sometimes you’re just off the reservation.
    Even considering this illuminated abomination is just.....:confused:
    Come on down bro, it isn’t better on the other side :clown:

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    "Crispy Creme" came with Firefield POS illuminated reticle/laser. The laser is stuck 2-3" to the right at 50yds. (it came with the 4595 never used. Laser adjustment stripped out 1st trip:rolleyes: ) I have only taken it out to 50yds. I have a Vortex 5.56 with an illuminated reticle. Not cheap. All 3 have regular no battery needed black reticles.
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    I'll probably remove the reflex sight and put it on a HiPoint.
  8. I seem to recall some newb posted a pic of his Hi-Point carbine wearing one of these; it was a while ago and I can't find the link.

    Mebbe it would help if "The Homer" had a flashlight??? :stir:
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    No place to mount it. However the Vortex has a place to mount one or a laser. I don't think I want a flashlight in my face. :D

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    I have the scope only because it came on a gun I bought. Works good enough. It works better than the amount it sells for but is not a "$300 and up" scope.
    I wouldn't take it for the apocalypse, but wouldn't hesitate to take it to the deer and pig wars.;)
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    NE Utah
    Ok....I’m apparently not red neck enough to know...why are you calling everything “homer”?

    I thought you meant “homely” and just didn’t know the right word, but I’m guessing you have some other odd thing going on...
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    Immediately when I saw this scope it reminded me of the "Homer" car above in the pic.
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    IMG_20180510_130049.jpg f47a6140edc6d382c32122527cbacf2f.jpg
  15. Ahhh, there's the flashlight!!!

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    I have yet to have tried this scope on anything. Might be time to do that. I saw that seller doesn't sell it anymore. Same thing here I paid $67 shipped now "new and improved price of $110!

    This was my bitch on the accessory thread. The trinkets are way up in price too.
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    I mounted a flashlight on a scope. Bad idea it lit up the A2 front sight which blotted out everything.
  18. Phhhtt. Already got one of those mounted. I think.

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