The Hoppes Bore Snake

Discussion in 'Gunsmith shop' started by Grizzfan, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. I purchased a bore snake to clean my 995 today and followed the directions to a T.

    Curious. Should one dab some Hoppes #9 or gun oil on the snake before pulling it through?

    I pulled it through twice and the bore looked bright and clean without any additive. Just curious.
  2. I apply a little #9 to the bristle portion only, although the bore snake directions do not mention anything about having to apply any cleaner/oil to the snake. Bore comes out squeaky clean! Then I run a patch with a bit of oil on it.

  3. It's an all in one deal, apply cleaner to the bristles and oil to the slightly wide and flat part above the bristles.
  4. What size bore snake did you use?
  5. elguapo

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    I use the .223 for my AR dry. Then follow it up with a rod and patch (I am wierd that way).
  6. I use them in various calibers when at the range and doing alot of shooting. Cleaner and a drop of oil on boresnake and a few drops of oil in gun and all good to go some more.

    I still clean properly when I get home.