the jhp!!!

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  1. so with work closed today, I went to the range. I brought my c9 and jhp, a buddy brought his compact 40, a taurus ultra light revolver, and an ar.

    no issues with the 1911 mags, since I clearanced the front of the magwell for the mag lip.

    the jhp is looking like it may be my carry piece full time now.

    Only issue I did have was one fail to feed...because for that shot I must have got a little sugar in my tank and limp-wristed it.

    mahan sight needs something white on the horns to help me with acquisition.

    the c9 operated flawlessly. would like to get a mahan for that one too.
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    Can't beat Hi Points. Most accurate weapons I've ever had. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Haven't fired my new JHP yet. Owned one back in the days and sold it.
    Well, I missed it, so I got another. It's a monster.
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    They grow on ya sorta like Texas Pride beer.
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    I have a few HP 45's!

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  6. so far the gun has:
    mahan sight (came with it)
    thingmeister 1911 mag catch
    Thomas grips (did not like the mag catch, took some figgerin on that one)

    and a Joey keychain coming
  7. now I have a joey keychain. install tonight
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    where's the action pics?!
  9. My latest JHP - the hard way

    Built this JHP from parts kits. Sweetie says I'm "frugal" but I know what I am and it's called "Cheap" :D
    Got dings and scrapes, but that adds character and after all, it's a Hi-Point so its beauty is in the eyes -and hand- of the beholder.

    Pic 1: Stripped frame $46.
    Pic 2: Parts kit $45.50
    Pic 3: Assembled JHP
    Pic 4: Dings, scrapes, and a sight that needs to be ordered from Mom

    All told, I'm out $95.50 total. :D

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    Dude, dings and scrapes can be "cold blued" quite easily...
    Here's the Mole Method, a pic is worth a thousand words :D
  11. Been using Sharpies for that purpose for many, many years. The colored ones can sometimes work on scratches on cars, if the match is right. Hmm, think we should suggest that to Cic for his "new-to-him" Jeep?
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    Adam I always like to change that quote to - Beauty is in the eye of the beERholder!
  13. Mark, there's a lot of truth to that, seen it in action :eek:
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    There should be a lot more activities outlawed while drinking!