I have shot and enjoyed firearms all my life but did not own one of my own until recently. I was born and raised in a part of the country, southern Appalachia that holds the Second Amendment in the highest regard and for whose residents hunting is a part of life. Growing up, my dad usually had a shotgun or a .22LR rifle for squirrel hunting, but financially was unable to purchase or shoot a lot.

Many of my friends did, and my best friend in high school's family were very involved in law enforcement so I was able to be around and get to shoot a large variety of firearms. This created a respect and love of shooting that unfortunately I was unable to afford to do on my own.

Later, when I had my own family and my children were small, I still enjoyed shooting but was unable to justify spending the money on shooting sports and my wife worried about safety with three small boys in the house. As the boys grew to be teenagers, the fear of them getting into things they should not got less, but the financial aspects of raising them grew, so I was still left out of doing anything with my love of guns.

Lately, with the area I live in getting more flooded with drugs and reports of break-ins getting more prevalent, the wife and I decided that we should try to make sure that we could defend our family and our home. I began to look at my local gun shop and pawnshop to get an idea of what might be economical for our budget. The more I looked the more discouraged I got with how expensive firearms and ammunition are. I thought that I would just have to keep a baseball bat or axe behind the door and hope for the best.

I finally came across some Hi Point pistols that my local gun shop had just restocked. I was very encouraged by the price, but skeptical of the quality since they were so cheap. I started researching the Internet and talking to everyone I knew that were into shooting to find out all I could about them. I was surprised to see and hear how different people reacted to the name.

People who had shot them talked about the ease of shooting and how reliable they are, and nothing but high praise for the warranty.

Those who had not shot them just talked about how much better their more expensive pistols were than the "cheap pieces of junk."

After comparing prices of both pistols and the ammunition, as well as ability to find ammunition, I pulled the trigger, pun intended, and bought a HP C9. The pistol was $200 out the door, and came with the Hi Point hardcase, a box of FMJ ammo, and an Uncle Mike's Sidekick holster. I have shot a couple of hundred rounds with absolutely no problems whatsoever, and both my wife and I feel so much safer in our home.

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My question is why so many people have a problem with these pistols, when without them I would still be using a baseball bat by my bed? I have so enjoyed the C9 that I have since added a 380 that I found used at my pawn shop for 100 dollars and plan on giving it to my oldest son when he turns 21 in a few months.

I am just extremely glad that an American company has made it possible for me and my sons to enjoy shooting and for me to be able to protect my family.