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  1. Deadeye008

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    I was skimming through my Guns & Ammo magazine yesterday and saw an ad in there for the Taurus Judge that shoots 45 colt and .410 shotshells! Anyone every used one of these? It looks really cool and fun.
  2. There's some talk over in the General forum that was about the Judge. Seems to be a great trail gun for getting rid of snakes, and maybe as a gun to stop a car jacker at point blank range. Not good for HD or anything else really though from what I understand. Could be a fun little gun to shoot either way though.

  3. Looks good, except the price--

    I am going to get a Super Comanche instead--

    It is only a single shot, but @ $157.00 it is more economical as a hiking gun-- dispatch snakes and bigger rodents (even the 2 legged ones) at ease--

    Plus it looks cool--

    IMHO-- :D
  4. Silicon Wolverine

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    the 400$ average price tag puts it out of my reach for a limited use gun. While a neat concept, and i will give that it does have its place, its not a gun most people would use. Now if you hike every other day...
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    DUDE...that looks like something out of some sort of Steampunk novel!! Either way I'm pretty sure that thing would leave a mark in whatever unfortunate fellow that came on the wrong side of it.
  6. The Judge is an interesting concept however I think its one of the ugliest looking guns short of the Nagant revolver or the Webley.

    The cylinder is just really strange looking being so long.

    I bet its rather fun though!
  7. I have a friend that owns an older .410 revolver and it damn near takes his hand off everytime he pulls the trigger. Just a thought....
  8. Been following a thread on another forum about the Judge, seems its either loved or hated. Definatly an interesting concept but a wee bit too larger for my taste.

    As far as the Super Comanche .45LC/.410... took a look at one while the dealer was ordering my Charter Arms Bulldog a while back. Neat gun but I am not really into BIG single shot pistols. If they had a barrel program like the TC Contender/Encore/etc etc does it would definatly be something to get into if you were on a tight budget.
  9. I think that I am one of the few people on here that has the judge and I think that its pretty cool and is a great defence gun. Other people dont agree with me but everyone has their own oppinion I wont say that they are right or wrong. I like it and im happy that I bought mine thats all that matters right? Here is a picture of mine
  10. Deadeye008

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    Nice pistol! So what's the recoil like when shooting .410 shells?
  11. Damn that's a snubby little barrel on that thing.