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The Konus Scopes Hi-Point Use Are Actually Better Than I Thought

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I got a KonusPro 1.5-5x32 scope some years back, as I've heard of them and saw some reviews how good they were for the cost but had never tried them until I mounted one on my 40 carbine for deer hunting at 75yds or less. Learned little bit later that HP uses the same scope brand on their hunting carbines and also sells it as an accessory on their site.

I decided to email the company as to why this scope's glass was so bright and clear for how low costing it was. I believe I paid around $57 off Amazon for this model #7249.

Anyway, I waited for contact and found that Konus gets all their glass from Japan and grinds in-house with all their models of not just firearm scopes, but also their spotting, bino and telescopes. Now I know why so good of glass and a scope that's not Chinese made. On top of that, Konus, for this model anyway uses an etched reticle and I don't know of any other scope at this price point that uses an etched reticle, without going up into the hundreds of dollars for an etched reticle.

This is a just for your information if you're looking for a Japanese glassed scope, at a better than most scope pricing, that doesn't come from China. An underdog for sure.
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One thing I did forget to mention is that Konus scopes come from Italy.

@RACHGIER, thanks for that link, it had some very good info.
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