The Last Stand

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    that website kinda sucks, it has far to many flash movies playing at the same time i counted 4 besides the game.

    excellent find this is a very fun game, has a few problems though..

    1. no pw feature
    2. sometimes even though you was aiming right at a zombie it does'nt actually hit them.
    3. once they make it to the cades its hard to get them off your gun seems to hit the barricade a lot.
    4. no way to select the equipment the other survivors use..

    definitely the best guns are

    hunting rifle, shotgun, and the .50 cal

    the hunting rifle is slow but accurate and kills with one shot to the head, two to any where else..

    shotgun is well a shotgun great for when you need whupass quickly.. keep this as a backup.

    the .50 cal just kicks major ass, you dont even need any survivors with this thing.. it is also extremely loud so watch your volume.

    only army/swat zombies can take a blast to the chest and not die..

    pick a shot any shot, the thing cuts down zombies like a hot knife though butter, it kills with one shot regardless where you hit them and it will keep going and hit multiable zombies.

    after you get the .50cal you'll rarely need anything else but keep the shottie as a backup for when they get on the cades.

    I suggest making sure you keep your survivors full.. they help you do stuff better.. so always make sure you keep your team populated before anything else.

    They do help kill zombies also but slower then snot so they're ok for taking outa few slow ones but you're on your own with the fast ones.

    The cade really is'nt a issue if you do your job you'll only have to repair it a few times during the whole game.

    Make sure you read the diary i missed it the first time around it actually tells a story.

    weapons breakdown.

    Chainsaw: horrible.. only good once they get on the cades so it's only half useful and it's a pain to use, i did'nt like it at all but it is effective.
    Pistol: crap, hold a fair amount of bullets but very little stopping power.
    .357: good stopping power but low capacity.
    UMP: good capacity, accurate, not a lot of stopping power though, personally this is my favorite automatic in the game.
    UZI: high capacity, low accuracy, about the same round for round stopping power as the UMP.
    M4A1: good stopping power and accuracy but i had problems with the bullets actually hitting zombies it did'nt seem like they was making it past the cade.
    AK47: same problems i had with M4A1, UZI also had problems like this but not as bad.
    Sawnoff shotgun: did'nt use it, whats the point of a sawn off over a full size shootie? nothin.
    Hunting Rifle: Excellent stopping power, bolt action so it's slow.
    .50 Cal: whupass in a can!

  2. Try the sawn off. It rocks. I thought it was a waste at first too, but when you combine the shot spread with the fast reload, you can mow 'em down like no other.
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  4. *sigh* foiled again lol.