The Little Mermaid

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Do you think that the story line behind the little mermaid is wrong?

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  1. So me and my wife were watching the little mermaid tonight and I got to thinking wow that is one really dirty movie. A 16yr old girl falls for some 26yr old guy then he takes her out on a date then they do they dirty and get married Im sitting there thinking what in the hell? Who came up with this movie idea? Its not the first time I have seen the movie the last time I saw it I think I was like 9 so it did not make sence like it does now. Now that I have a baby on the way Im starting to look at it from a parents point of view. This is something that we have been letting out children watch for years. I just think that there is something wrong with a movie that promotes an underage girl hooking up with a guy. I think that I would do the same think that king tritan did I would try to kill the guy. Ok I had to get my rant out of the way.
  2. There were no zombie movies on to watch?

  3. My wife owns almost every Disney animated movie ever made, and that one is not one of them. The other one is Bambi, as I like killing Bambi's daddy and don't want her to use that as leverage against me when our kids do get here. I don't want my kids growing up thinking that Daddy was responsible for Bambi growing up without a Father....
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    Yeah, but in fish years, she's like 24.
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    ha ha ha ha that is great!

    There are a lot of innuendos in Disney. Plus they have a thing for 16 year old girls getting married. in little mermaid in aladan in sleeping beauty. gross.... And then do not even get me started on snow white... the prince looks like a chick and comes up and kisses a suposedly dead girl he has never seen before!? what is up with that?!
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    Ive noticed old Walt had quite the thing for teenage girls in skimpy outfits...

    Ariel wears nothing but a seashell bra
    Jasmine wears a semi-transparent 2-piece that leaves little to the imagination
    Belle goes to live in a castle with a man who is rumored to be quite the beast
  7. Yeah, the topless scenes in Fantasia betrayed his dreams.
  8. Did anyone see the stars in the Lion King if I remember correctly they said sex it only appears in the stars on the original copy of the Lion King. I dont really get why disney has to do all the sexual stuff in there movies and we wonder why kids are growing up all screwed up. Its just freaky.
  9. As I remember, Lion king had to be edited because sex was spelled out in the dirt as the two lions were wrestling after meeting after a long time apart. There's lots of stuff in disney movies. If I wern't wat work right now I'd look some up, but can't do that now.
  10. Girls married quite young until the mid 1960's. It was not uncommon for 16 year old girls to marry. And to marry older men. Disney films reflected common practices of the time.

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    Trouble is your all starting to sound so PC next Heidi and others are gonna be besmirched. Dorothy in Wizard of OZ was a product of child neglegence as she was left out in a tornado to fend for herself How about Hansel and Gretal they were left out in the wood to die. What's next?
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    In the 1700's, you would find:
    -Boys enlisting in the armed forces at age 12 as an assistant, and at 14 as a regular trooper
    -Girls marrying as young as 12
    -No minimum on child labour age requirement
    -No minimum drinking age
    -NO allotment of rights to anyone under the age of 14, even in the Magna Carta (which was the most progressive political document of the era before the French/American rebellions)

    In the 21st Centruy, you will find:
    -8 year olds with personal cell phones
    -All children with access to the internet, gaining information that 30 to 40 years ago would've been classified and only allowed to the most senior of government officals
    -Credit ratings being applied to grade school age children
    -The ability for someone under the age of 16 to purchase equiment such as Tasers, GPS tracking systems (some sold even as toys!), and having access to video AND broadcasting technology that allows them to send a video ANYWHERE in the world no matter who is watching

    In each era, standards are applied to our youth depending on what soceity demands of them. In the 16th century there was a need to survive and the world was at constant war with itself and neighbouring countries and tribes. In the 21st century, information and credit are the pinnacle of success and these values are endorsed in our children from day one now. When in the 1700's it was ONLY proper when a child is seen and not heard, todays children are seen as "troubled" when they do NOT express themselves.

    In the 1950's, a 10 year old watching a wild west movie with dozens of gunfights and hundreds of people dying was considered decent, wholesome entertainment as long as the Hero always won and endorsed the good 'ole Christian values.

    These days? That kind of entertainment is considered "harmful", yet you even have jokes about sexual orientation and bodily function in "Shreck"...actions that were considered taboo in the 1950's.

    The more things change, the more they same the same....they just get different names.
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    RC you said you saw it when you were 9...and look how you turned out.:shock: I think thats proof enough to keep your children from viewing it.


    Disney is a little wacked out but I enjoyed them as a kid. Theres also things like Tom&Jerry, Daffy, Bugs & Elmer. They smoke cigarettes, drink poison, try to kill each other, etc. thats not exactly a great influence.