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    Ok, im pretty sure i read something bout this before, but the search didnt pick up anything. Anyway, is there a way to get the large bottom piece off my .45 mag? if not, no bother, but i thought i seen some of your guys pictures with them modified. its just that i think it looks cool is all
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    the black part actually covers uppart of the mag itself.... you would either give up some rounds and have to maybe get a new spring and weld up the bottom. but i wouldnt go through all that noise. people have always complained about the bottom of the mag but if you look at the new HK45 they are dooing the same thing.... it helps protect the mag when you let it drop free and helps prevent it getting bent or beat up as much.

    thats the way i look at it

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    yea, i guess ur right, it ant that bad looking, it ant worth loosing round capacity over anyway.