The MO shooting

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bluharley, Dec 24, 2014.

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    Well it must be the C9's fault as we know the fine upstanding citizens of Missouri would never point a firearm at a police officer. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Blu if you have a carbine take it too. Remember you can never have too much firepower.

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    Not yet, but it's going to happen soon.
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    I just love the carbine and don't understand why people want bigger magazines for it. I go through a ton (literally as 45 ammo is heavy) of 45 ammo in mine with just the 9 rounders. If I had high capacity mags I would be bankrupt.
  5. Just buy more magazines.

    As far as the shooting this kid was not a nice person with a serious criminal record. The video shows him pointing something, so most likely it is the gun. I think getting the truth out in this case is more important then the parents feelings.

    Videos are important, they clear officers, collect irrefutable evidence, save money on court cases.
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    News had a story on it..... The town has considerably more black police, and government officials..... The mayor of the town (who was black)was firm in his statement that his town was not ferguson, and the cop was responding to a robbery call, when the perp pointed the gun at him..... This just further demonstrates, that the same worthless jackwagon's are going to do the same stupid actions, till there is a major incident involving the deaths of either several cops, or a crowd of "protesters"....
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    The gun man was only 18 and had multiple run ins with the police in the short time he was considered an adult (age of 17).. The chief had a very nice long statement this morning at about 8am, it is worth looking up...
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    I only have 12 to share between my 4595 and JHP so maybe I need a few more.
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    Hey Bull. The shooting wasn't too far from the Berkley Ameren office.

    I've been on Hanley a few times.
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    I'm waitin for it to start here..... It has to sometime
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    I used to run around in Berkeley a little bit 30+ years ago. It's another city that used to be a middle class city populated by McDonnel Douglas and Ford employees, some airport employees. Now the schools are failing and I wouldn't want to run around up there. Used to work at the Laclede Gas Co facility up there not far at all from the Ameren Facility too.
    The mayor says it's not like Ferguson because the city is 85% black and 17-18 of the 32 or so LEO's are black and therefore the police force is more sensitive to the community. I don't get that. Automatically, if you are white, you can't have good judgement, be fair, be objective, "understand" the community, etc.
    i really don't see how police officers do what they do. I tip my hat to you all.

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    Dangit monster!...... Stop riling em up out there!
  13. From the video the C9 looked to be brand new lying on the street. The kid was 18 with a criminal background, so someone purchased it and sold it to him. Hopefully the ATF and FBI will be able to trace the serial number and nail the goon that sold it to him.
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    It's either that, or it was stolen. The gun laws really did a good job at keeping that out of his filthy, criminal hands, didn't they? It doesn't matter how restrictive the laws get, scum like him will still get their hands on firearms.
  15. I don't think Mo has UBC, so of course he had a gun.(heavy sarcasm)

    We all know how well laws keep guns out of criminals hands.(again heavy sarcasm)
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    I heard he was unarmed!
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    Am looking now for the story I read this AM that they tied that C9 to a residential burglary last month.

    Found this though not sure if it has it all.
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    They said the numbers on the gun had been altered (go figure)... I don't know if you guys noticed, but they shot a picture of the gun at the crime scene. The first thing I noticed is that the gun has the safety on, I would highly doubt that they touched the weapon, so that means he very likely pulled the gun and tired to fire it with the safety on. If that is the case, that officer would have very likely taken a round. But luck was on his side that this thug didn't know how to operate his crime tool of choice.

    These idiots around here still think it was "cops" keeping them down and this was a unjust shoot. Even showing the video, they are just saying that it has been altered... So why even offer body cameras, they will just say the video has been tampered with... AND a body camera isn't going to get a better shot then what that security camera offered, so WHAT DO THEY WANT??? The only answer I can come up with for that question is; for the cops to look the other way while they break the laws...
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    That's EXACTLY what they want. These are people who will never contribute anything to society. Productivity to them is getting away with theft. This whole thing about the cops "wasting an innocent boy" is part of the broader campaign to excuse laziness by blaming it on being disadvantaged by the system.

    They want their nice things without having to work for them, and looting is a great way to get them, while the racism claims give them an excuse to justify it.