The most boob jokes EVER....

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    In the third epidose of south park this season. If you havent watched it, do. It id F'ing HILARIOUS!

  2. Im as bad as a little kid, South Park and Family Guy are 2 of my favorite shows to watch :oops:

  3. I love south park :)



    Seen all the episodes except the most recent season (no tv) have to wait for it to be on DVD).
  4. Never really been a fan of south park. I use to love family guy. They use to down right funny up to about the 3rd season. After that they started getting down right raunchy and go for pretty much shock humar than down right funny. That's what happens when something good gets big. They get too big for themselves and get crappy.
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    I've always been a Heavy Metal/Sci-Fi Fantasty/Dungeons and Dragons nerd. This week's South Park was genius.