The Most Dangerous Activity When Pistol Training

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    Negligent Discharges – the Most Dangerous Activity When Pistol Training
    Posted on October 20, 2015 by Ammoland

    By John Farnam


    Ft Collins, CO –-( There are dangers inherent with having guns around. There are also dangers inherent with not having guns around.

    None of us get a risk-free life, and, in the end, the bacteria win.

    Not in dispute!

    However, in studying gun-training/range accidents, there is little doubt that the most dangerous thing we do with pistols is reholster them!

    You can find examples of Negligent Discharges (NDs) associated with nearly any gun activity, from cleaning, to removing one from its case, but replacing a pistol into a holster, that is being worn at the time, is the one activity that tops the list!

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    I was eating Kirk. Thanks didn't need those nuggets anyway.

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    I would have guessed cleaning was number one...maybe it is, as they qualified their data to "at the range"...?
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    Yeah, I grok.

    I made an Interjection worthy of Schoolhouse Rock when the page opened for me.


    I remember thinking, "there shoulda been a 'Not Safe For Lunch' warning sign on this." ;)

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    There is an inherent risk in training that is increased with any attempt to increase the level of realism.
    Or it's of the "hey y'all watch this" variety.
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    Ya forgot the exclamation point between "hey" and "ya'll"

    Watch kirk's video again.

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