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  1. A Smith & Wesson Sigma 40 ! The gun shop guy didn't try to sway me either way as I had 3 guns in from of me. I had this one, a 24/7 Taurus and a Taurus 100SS. I went in looking for this gun, actually I drove over 200 miles to a gun Show and 2 other gun shops, I ended up back at my local shop and I bought there :roll:

    The S & W was $325, The 24/7 was $399 and the 100SS was $459 (I think) All had good features, but the size of the S&W just felt good and it is what I wanted to start with.

    By the way, gun shows in my area are over-priced items. Mosin Nagants in average shape are $169, Very used Glocks for $450 plus.

    Anyway, here is the pics.


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    congrats on an excellant choice, got mine 2 weeks ago and love the weapon. is the rebate still available?

  3. 2 days late, I didn't know about the rebate until yesterday :roll:

    But I'm going to send it in anyway, all they can say is yes or no and it will only cost me .41 to try ! I could make the computer generated receipt look as if the gun was purchased on the 31st very easily, but I don't operate that way. I got a feeling I'll get the mags, but not the cash.
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    I posted this in another thread but here goes anyway. S&W has extended the repate til April 30. The website has not been updated yet.

  5. I love my S&W 9VE Sigma and the $50 rebate and two free 16rd mags just made the deal a bit sweeter.