The new Hi-Point P-9 tactical pistol pics! by moi...

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Do you luv it? <3

This poll will close on Feb 7, 2106 at 1:28 AM.
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  1. GrOuNd_ZeRo

    GrOuNd_ZeRo Gun Fanatic Member


    Since it got ignored on the suggestions it is...

    -4.5 inch barrel
    -Enlarged ejection port
    -Enlarged trigger guard and regular trigger (barrowed from Five seveN®)
    -Longer grip and bigger magazine, I estimate 12-13 rounds
    -Picatinny rail
    -rubberized grips with finger grooves (couldn't draw this well with GIMP)
    -extra slide serrations on the front of the slide
    -Reduced size of the basepad to not be so noticeable
    -Higher profile sights
    -Threaded Barrel

    I also think the slide could be slimmed down since the weight would have to be distributed more evenly or the recoil spring should be lighter...

    I just wanted to get some of your attention... :D :wink:
  2. looks nice, a bit of berreta and glock/xd look.

  3. freedom

    freedom Member

    Funny. I was thinking much the same .
    Berreta, XD

    The art work needs to be cleaned up some but it gets the idea across.
    HP could go a long ways by changing the grips. Something molded diff and rubber coated. And reshape the slide.
    While the slide is large, part of what people dont like about it is its looks. Redesign it for better looks but it still fits the current frame, new rubber grips. A rail like on the picture above and make the mag hold a few more rounds.

    I know that would be a lot of re-machining yes, but it would look much better and increase sales even if the price went up some.

    Many people will not admit to it but a lot of what people go by when they buy a gun is how it looks on the outside.
    If HP put a little time in to making the guns look better and still shoot as well as they do. They could clean up, even better than they are now.
  4. neothespian

    neothespian Member

    I wanted to vote "Eh, it's ok but no my thing" but couldn't find the gammer slang "133t" speak equivalent on that list :?

    But great photoshop work!
  5. GrOuNd_ZeRo

    GrOuNd_ZeRo Gun Fanatic Member

    i'll lower the profile of the slide a little and try to reshape the slide while I am at it.

    Any ideas for the grip?
  6. s0b3

    s0b3 Member

    most people don't like finger grooves. one of the more popular glock mods is to dremel them off. in the shooting courses i've taken, they recommend against them as well. it's forces you to hold your pistol a certain way and there may be conditions where you may not get your normal grip. basically it conditions you to shoot with your hand/grip in one position.
  7. griff30

    griff30 Member

    Like it, would love it made that barrel about 2.5 times longer. At least 2 times longer. Use a 9 inch barrel and your talking about a new kind of accurate. And I'm talking the whole slide not just the inner barrel the barrel sticking out a bit for compensator or silencer rocks. Maybe a threaded barrel?
  8. I like mine the way it is.Refinements would probably move their prices into a higher range than alot of us could afford,or want to pay.
    The manafacturing is having a hard enough time getting the other models out the way it is.
    But it definitely is different.I am sure it would sell.
  9. I like the looks of it. I would love to have one in the gun cabnet.
  10. Racked 870

    Racked 870 Guest

    I have no idea how to vote in that poll, but I would love to have a rail like that on my C9.
  11. Photoshop a bayonet fixed to it so we can see what it's like with the rail put to good use!

    I once joked about putting a bayonet on my PF-9 and got some interesting comments regarding being careful of just sticking it in my waistband...

  12. GrOuNd_ZeRo

    GrOuNd_ZeRo Gun Fanatic Member

    LOL the poll is just for $#!^ and giggles.

    it could be sold more as a seperate model, it would make the pistol maybe in the 200 dollar range but it would be worth it.
  13. griff30

    griff30 Member

    Sorry if I ruined it, but this is my version. The C9 Longslide!
  14. I like it as long as they don't mess with the C9 and make it a totally different model.
  15. GrOuNd_ZeRo

    GrOuNd_ZeRo Gun Fanatic Member

    I like the long-slide, kinda reminds me of a Desert Eagle.
  16. Yeah, the grooves turn me off a bit - but otherwise it's pretty cool

  17. panoz77

    panoz77 Member

    Not much different than a C9 Comp to me.


  18. AS5383

    AS5383 Guest

    Hmmm I wonder if a porting job would be all that hard with the barrel already extended. Wonder what it would look like, i dont think it would look all that bad without the COMP, and ported. Just a guess
  19. GrOuNd_ZeRo

    GrOuNd_ZeRo Gun Fanatic Member

    If I had the right hardware I could make a new slide for the C9COMP effectively making it closer to a full-frame pistol.