The NEW Ruger Charger pistol...

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    This is something I have been waiting on for years now. Once they hit the stores I will seriously consider one because I am such a big fan of anything that shoots .22 rimfire ammo.

  2. Sakdog

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    That is a sweet little gun I have been wanting something of that breed. I was looking into a Volquartsen at one time (Too much $) and this new ruger looks awesome. Always wanted a handgun size package capable of handling higher capacity and as far as I knew the Volquartsen and the Tec-22 were the only ones to fit this bill. This looks awesome.. Ill prob get one when they come out before the dems label it an "assault weapon" its like a dream come true

  3. A few years ago I had one of the Savage Striker .22lr's, it was ok but was bolt action. Had it been one of the .22Mag versions I would never have traded it, but at the time I had a number of .22 blot rifles and didnt really need a bolt action .22lr pistol.

    Now this Ruger Charger pistol is a whole different ball game. I cant wait to get my hands on one in person just to see if it's worth the money or not. Since it is built on the 10/22 action I am sure its gonna be worth it though.
  4. That thing looks awesome! I'd love to try one out for sure, nice information and good reviews for it too. Looks like it may be a really good gun for the money.
  5. Ridge

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    Thats funny....reminds me of that tacticool Derringer...I'm still waiting for the local Gander Mtn. to get in a PX4 compact...that will definately be the gun I go for a CCW with...
  6. Any idea of the price, I am not having much lick in finding one.
  7. AGuyNamedMike

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    MSRP $369.50
  8. So hopfully that will translate to 300-325 once supply meets demand.
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    Whats the point in it? Its ugly, and serves no real purpose except for plinking......which I can do cheaper and its more fun with a Marlin 60
  10. Just another option Mordecai, just another option. I for one think it is very cool looking and will be picking one up ASAP.
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    But what is it used for???? I mean, do people actually hunt with a .22 pistol?
  12. There's "Rimfirehunter"s cue...

    But untill he shows up, yes people hunt with .22
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    yowza yowza, me likes. Comes with all the little extras too, looks like a great pistol.
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    Looks like a nice target pistol to me. I think the bi-pod is pointless, but I guess if you need it to shoot accurately it would be good to have.
  15. I hunt squirrel, rabbit and coons with my Ruger 22/45 .22lr pistol all the time. It's more of a challenge to hunt with a scoped pistol than it is a scoped rifle, and if you are feeling really froggy try pistol hunting small game with open sights!

    As for the Challenger pistol, this would be a great varmit shooter with the bipod installed, or it would be a sweet plinker with bipod removed and 25-30 round mags installed. Just think of the fun you could have with this setup and a sling attached! Price is a little steep though but if someone really wants it they will pay the price without a second though.

  16. You know I, at first, thought the price was steep. Then I remembered what those little gems like the Ruger Marks sell for in various configurations. My next thought what, wow, these seem cheap. I think I have to have one, lol. Ya gotta love all the choices we can have. :)
  17. I've hunted squirrels with my 22/45 also. Never killed but one, but I'm pickey about the shots I'll take.

    The "Charger" or whatever it's called isn't my cup of tea, but I'm sure a lot of people will like it. I like my pistols to look like a conventional pistol, and my rifles to look like rifles. :)
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