The odd foods we buy for the What if's.

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  1. Thayldt21

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    Well every fall I buy a couple boxes of top ramen.

    Then come this time were I decide to make some I find that I HATE it.

    I remember as a single bachlor I ate it like gormay(spelling.)

    So why do I buy it.

    Well it is cheap. You can live off of it. I did for a few years. And it is good for about two years.
    Can be eating dry or cooked with just water.

    But like I said I find I dislike it very much.

    Again this is just one adition to the spam collection and potted meats.
  2. pills

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    add some spaghetti sauce to the ramen when you are eating it right now.

  3. Thayldt21

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    Oh, I anit eating it right now. LOL I threw it to the disposal
  4. I like the Cup versions better but they are too bulky and fragile when it comes to emergency food storage. The pack's of Raman noodles taste like carboard with some seasoning but you can store a lot of them in a relatively small area and they wont get crushed/busted open like the Styrofoam cup versions do.

    I also like to simmer beef jerky till its tender, provided you are using an wood flame or hot coals from a fire pit, then add it to the Raman noodles. Does not help with the taste but it does boost the protein and calorie value of the meal.
  5. neothespian

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    Eggs in any form (Fresh and powdered) are a great way to alter, aka improve, the taste of Ramen noodles.

    Myself? I use a bit of Teriyaki, a little egg, and even some sausage bits depending what I have around. Works great and extends the food stores.

    Ramen, as a meal...blows.

    Myself? I stick to the good ole Mac and Cheese in the box. Not too thrilling, but it's yummy comfort food from my childhood (as with anyone else who came from a poor family) and you really can't screw it up!

    Other hints for perking up cheap food:

    -Canned chicken
    -Ramen or other such cheap pasta
    -Any of those dollar store insta-italian packets of the alfredo sauce.
    -A little pepper
    -Dried Garlic

    All the stuff keeps well, and it's a quick mix of protein, carbs and a bit of flavour. Cheaper and longer lasting than those pre-fabbed italian shelf packages you buy for 4 or 5 bucks (and that doesn't even include meat!), and it tastes pretty good. Just remember to grill up the canned chicken before throwing it in, because out of the can the texture is just nasty! But pan fried and THEN in the pasta/alfredo ....pretty good stuff!
  6. Thayldt21

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    I hate to admit this but while in Iraq I was fortunate enough to get a package sent to me with Cup o noodles and canned tuna.

    Any way I would add the MRE cheese then Add the can of tuna.

    I would use say beef flavor cheesy tuna, or chicken with the sea cheasy pasta. Or the other other white meat with cheesy noodle pork.
  7. What my wife and I do about once a week is this:

    Take 3 packages of Top Ramen Shrimp flavor noodles, boil water and cook per instructions.

    Take 2 cans of mushroom pieces and stems and 1 12 ounce bag of frozen shrimp and sautee in butter, seasoned to taste. I usually use a table spoon of Whorstershire sauce, a dash of garlic powder and whatever season salt you like.

    Once the noodles are done, pour off 3/4 of the water and add the mushrooms and shrimp. Stir in the Ramen seasonings and serve. Makes enough for 3 people OR enough for one fat-arse *me* and a decent sized serving for the wife...
  8. Im gonna have to try that one Primal, I bought some of the shrimp flavored noodles and was not really impressed with them.

  9. Dude, you get it seasoned properly, and you'll LOVE it!

    I have to ask the wife to make it, but end up doing it myself as she gets tired of it. As much as I love shrimp, I really don't need an excuse to make it, but she keeps saying that it's really expensive.... Whatever! Cost over flavor, I am going for flavor everytime!
  10. Jag

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    maybe I'm the oddball, but believe it or not, I actually kinda like Ramen noodles--plain!

    I know, I know--I'm absolutely crazy for eating this colon plugger stuff plain. But, if you crush the noodles into bite size pieces while they're in the package, open one end, add the spice packet, shake, and proceed to munch, it's actually not too bad. I've used this combo out hiking before, and it really does work. Just make sure you have some water to drink as well, or you could become dehydrated from eating this stuff dry.

    I know--I'm just weird. Let the flaming begin with plenty of hurled laughs and wisecracks!

    Jag 8) :lol: :lol: :p
  11. griff30

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    Nice idea to steal.
    Thanks Primal
  12. Jag ,
    Make sure that you drink plenty of liquid with them.
  13. The best thing to add to Ramen is just a little cayenne pepper. Man is that good and cheap.
  14. joebob88

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    I always add cajun seasoning and love it every time.
  15. Re: Well...

    Actually, I damn near eat it the same way. I crush it into smaller bits in the bag and then dump it in a bowl, add just enough hot water to make it all semi-soupy, add the package of powdered death and eat it. Mmmm... Its a great snack and every once in a while I'll even eat it this way for breakfast...
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    rimfire i dont know what you are talking about.... those cups of soup are awfull haha... but ramen is something i know all about, being one of the younger guys around here at 23 it wasnt to long ago when i was at school i swear i could have made a ramen cook book, so many ways to cook with that stuff, the chicken and beef are the best plain but ramen lends itself well to making your own hobo recipes

    makes me want some right now actually
  17. The noodles in the Raman packs taste like carboard to me but the ones that come in the styrofoam cups taste good. The cups have dehydrated veggies in them too, but like I said they are bulky to store and crush easily so they are not a good choice for the BOB/GHB packs. I keep plenty of the Raman packs onhand cause the kids love em and you can store a bunch in a small place, including your BOB or GHB.
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    I love raman, plain.

    As for survival food, go to a fleamarket, and buy some MREs
  19. Thayldt21

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    I hate MRE's but I get them for free so yes I have quiet a few. And you are very correct. They are a greast survival food, That is after you field strip them to make some room.
  20. Fenix

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    I could live off ramen no problem, I still love the stuff and have had to live off it in the past, the key is picking different flavors. But aside, you can make any noodle recipe with them and they taste great. As for MRE's they're great but bulky.