The Official Hipoint "wish list"

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    With regards to "Mil-Spec," that is an almost meaningless term. Unless it is a part with an actual government print, they can just put a "mil-spec" label on it for having an anodize that meets military specifications.
  2. lklawson

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    Good to know

  3. backbencher

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    I should correct myself - the Cav Arms Mk1 & Mk2, as made by CAVARMS, GWACS, Sabre Defense, etc, have a plastic buffer tube molded into the stock.
  4. Hansj3

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    I know, but take a TS stock for instance. There is lots of intricate parts, how long does it take to cast, how expensive is it to retool, how many man hours are there in building that stock vs a solid one?

    I would think it could shave time off of the whole shebang if they went back to a modernized variant of the classic stock, and produce more .
    Beemiller isn't making a ton on these things, but they can be hard to get at the store. Alot of the markup is at the lgs, because they have been at the limits of production for a while. Used 995s in good shape can go for about what they were new in the 90s... So make them more available and it makes it cheaper for the end user without screwing the lgs or beemiller
  5. ulmapache

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    My 2 pfennigs 'bout doing it in .32NAA...
  6. tlynch

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    full size 9mm

    Full size 9mm that uses the same magazines as the 995! That would be nice
  7. Hansj3

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    I've been saying that for years!.... I've got large hands...

    Here is a new one, how about a 995 chambered in .22tcm? Would make for a very fast round, kinda like the.223 of the pistol round world
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  8. backbencher

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    Due to the OAL, it'd have to be on the .40"/.45" frame. Think RIA is already selling a single-stack 1911 mag for it. You could use the .22" TCM short for the Glock, but you give up a bit.
  9. wganz

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    A copy of the German late WW2 Volksgewehr would fit Mom"s expertise in blow back weapons. Use the MSR trigger assembly parts to keep costs down. Investigate the use of 7.62x39 and AK47 magazines instead of 7.92x33 to avoid Mom's Achilles Heel of bad magazines, reduce costs, & make its ammo the proverbial "Walmart available". Since the Vk1 has only the magazine as an 'evil feature', they can be sold with the 5 round hunting magazines to comply with most ban state requirements.

    I'd buy a couple!
  10. backbencher

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    You're speaking of the so called "gas-delayed" 7.92x33mm rifle, the "VG-1"? There is an effort on to reproduce that, I believe. It uses a lot of stampings - Mom's more a cast Zamak and plastic sort of factory.
  11. wganz

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    I'll get pix posted later. There is a Texas company reproducing the original Stg43 that you may be thinking about. The stamped receiver with AR15 parts as a FCG is 1940's technology & can be easy enough done today. The gas "cylinder" can be easily made from Zamak. The gas ports electrostatically made. Easily enough done to challenge the Ruger Mini14 in its marketplace.
  12. backbencher

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    No, there is, or was, an effort afoot to reproduce the "VG-1".

    A lot of things can be easily made from Zamak, but I wouldn't expect a gas cylinder made of Zamak to hold together for very long.

    The AR-15 is handily beating the Ruger Mini-14 like a red-headed stepchild all on its own, to the extent that Ruger is producing both DI and piston ARs, and sells its DI gun for for less than the Mini-14.
  13. wganz

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    Didn't know about that try. The AR15 is the kudzu of the gun industry right now. Oh well.
  14. Asher1

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    I'll keep this one simple and easy...
    1- give some upgraded sight options (maybe a fiber optic)..
    2- ambi (or switchable) safety and mag functions.
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    My thoughts exactly. An ambi safety would be awesome but even being a lefty I like the mag release where it is. I just depress the button with the side of my trigger finger.
    Does HP make an enlarged mag release? That would be great.
  16. cicpup

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    No. Cut down a .22 shell and fit it over the release.
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  17. BradZ

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    I'll be enthused if they do the C9 with a light rail. It'd be perfect for my guns I have stashed in random places.
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  18. undeRGRound

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    I want a 10mm Carbine with a 20RD REDBALL MAGAZINE!
  19. wganz

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    Mom had better get on the stick with the 10mm carbine. An LGS had an $79.95 lower that took Glock 10mm/45ACP mags and had the matching barrels in stock. With the rate that AR prices are falling...........................
  20. sarahsmom

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    I am really starting to want a 10mm carbine, that and a 45acp. 10mm pistol to match? Don't know about that - it would probably knock me out!
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