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    Seen very few .22 pistols that weren't picky about ammo. Best friend has a TX and it eats most of what its fed. Wife's Walther isn't bad either. TX is one of the better cheap semis on the market - and with nearly double the mag capacity of most.
  2. Maybe, the most coveted gun I own is the .22LR I bought in college at 19 y.o. for 89.98 that is on auctions for 700 very now and then. Belgium Browning pistol that doesn't like weird bullet shapes but otherwise it just lays down lead on target accurately. Smooth as silk, and very pretty from any angle. Kind of like my high school girlfriend.... Yes, it is for sale along with my Tacoma. No, nobody has enough money, yet.

    Concerning the OP, (oh yeah), no, I don't think HP will make a .223 in our lifetime. Why should they? Everybody has to "build" an AR today....if they are willing to find and pay for parts. I'll just stick with the Mini-14 that has never had an FTF or FTE in thousands of reloads and a box or two of factory. I like guns that work or they go out the door.

    Another great gun company story and product is Mossberg. There's one on the floor and one at my LGunsmith getting tuned up after being through, apparently a war or two. Love those playful short barreled "curr dogs" too. Used guns have character, sometimes..

    Whoa be it those that walk into the wrong end of a shotgun. The gun that won The West...10 gauge at that. I would like to see Mom doing a shotgun. Really.

  3. Gun smiths and engineers, get in here!
    The almost universal question by HP carbine owners is how to get a higher cap mag. Myself included. The design of the carbine includes a steel (?) box-ish reinforcement in the grip/stock about 1+ inches below the action up to where the action strips a round out of the top of the magazine. No, I didn't tear it down to measure prior to posting.
    Disregard the stock molding questions at this point.
    Here's the question. Could a double stack mag be designed to feed 2-3 rounds in a single stack formation at the top? I think/hope the answer is yes. However, I think the big issue lies in the follower. The follower has to reinforce the ammo stacking, be the proper width to remain stable in the wider double stack portion, but small enough to feed 2-3 rounds in the single-stack portion.
    I'm looking to see if anyone would enter reasonably well thought-out ideas. I'm not producing anything, but I would hope to get legit ideas that maybe High Tower Armory, or someone, could use to make our cheap carbines better.
    Condescending trolls can GTFO.
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    Hate to tell ya, you’re like #1037 to suggest this.
    AFAIK the grip does not lend itself to a wider mag, neither does the receiver.
    As far as you last remark, don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.
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  5. The grip is part of the stock. I think this question may be solved by a new stock from HP, High Tower Armory, or someone else. I'm going off memory here, but I believe the metal stabilizer/reinforcement portion of the receiver comes out when you tear the action out of the stock for regular cleaning.
    The first sentence wasn't condescending. The second is a different story.
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    Never gonna happen.
    Redball 20 round mags available.
    Nobody is going to redesign and over complicate what is a really simple gun.
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  8. Besides, if this could be done economically, reliably, and cost effectively, don't you think that Hi-Point Inc. would have already thought of this given the popularity of their carbines and the customer base clamoring for higher cap mags? I don't mean to rain on your parade but there's probably a valid reason HP didn't do it in the first place, eh?

    Edit/Add: And if you do come up with a workable and reliably functioning solution and perhaps retrofit, I'm sure HP and HP owners will come sprinting to your door. I'd say get right on it!!
  9. I have five of them already, and will be buying several more. The factory mags were not reliable, but the Redball mags seem to work well. In fact, I'd say the factory mags were out-right garbage.
    My question is about the mag. The stock comes afterwards. It's mostly just injection molded plastic. The whole idea is not to alter the mechanicals.
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  10. Your statement may be 100% on the nose. However, sometimes companies just don't have anyone willing to research (research $) something different when what they already have is a money maker.
    On the "do it yourself" front, the rake of the Glock 17 mags to steep, but the Ruger American pistol mags are pretty close. Gotta go back and take another look.
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  11. Still waiting for Hi Point to release their Yeet Carbine stocks that accepts Yeet Cannon YC9 magazines.. if ever it gets a release onto the market :rolleyes: 20190514_094316-700x662.jpg
  12. Well, s&!$. Look at the profile on that mag. I'm guessing they can't get it to work right.
    Thank you for this addition. Embarrassingly enough, I forgot about that.:headbang:

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    You've been here how long and didn't come here and learn how to correct the problem? I have never had problem with any of mine. I have been through 7+ 995TS's over the years. I have never had a problem with the factory.

    Don't refer to youtube for the cure. Members here have the knowledge. It maybe as simple as learning how to properly load the mags.
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  15. Here's the stripped receiver to refresh your memory.
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    version of your pic, I see the usual suspects swarming like vultures
    to pick over your bones :rotfl:
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    I think the Ruger uses the original double stack market leader the BHP or Browning Hi-Power design... it is sleek and slim, basically perfect for a DS magazine. gentle taper and adds the bare minimum to a grip. So forget stock Glock Mags, that would really take an entirely new receiver design.

    ^WHAT WE HAVE^^^.................^^^WHAT WE NEED IT TO BE^^^

    I took apart my 4595 in an attempt to see what it would take to get a 2011 (double-stack 1911) magazine to work, it has about one bullet added in the single stack extension area. One of very few magazines that have a single stack top like the YC9 (proposed) and the DS Tokarev magazine. I still think it needs a 2 bullet extension.

    As far as the retainer ring inside the grip, that does come out and the inside could be easily milled out for a DS mag, according to my measurements. Fr personal use, I was looking to use grip tape and/or something like a Hogue slip-on. Preferable a bit small, roll it on there like a condom. That would eliminate the need for the grip screws and metal 'ring'.

    I never did all that... Instead, I did the TMF mag catch and converted to 1911 magazines. My Big Boy solution was a Korean DRUM (28 rounds) and it would also work for the 10mm, about 33 rounds, but the feed lips would need to be closed a bit. .050"
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    PS: I believe that the Para-Ordnance DS 1911 mags could work as-is
    with maybe some minor clearancing of the receiver rails at the bottom.
    But not sure of these measurements. DYODD and all my input here is
    from memory, you would need to re-do all this and verify.

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    @undeRGRound did know ProMag makes a drum mag for the 4595? Did you see the video of the guy using one for the 1095 with no mods?
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    I did not!
    LINKS! lol