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    Didn't find it on ytoob. I actually saw the video here on this forum. Anyone?
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  2. I have 5 factory magazines and they all work fine.
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  3. All the factory Hi Point magazines I had, also worked reliably, and we didn't even "tweak" anything or "fix them" before shooting ;)
  4. Fine. I'll have to give a new couple of factory mags a shot. I had four of them and they all sucked. I have five Redball mags and they all work reliably. My whole point here is to give the gun higher capacity without changing the gun's mechanicals (I don't really consider a swap-able stock to be the mechanicals). Also, not having the mag sticking out another 6+" below the grip would be nice.
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    In other words, you don’t want a HiPoint ;)
  6. This is a very affordable PCC with a shorter pull length than anything else with a 16" barrel, fixed stock and mag/action forward of the grip. Plus, it's a solid and chunky but grip-able 2am date that can be utilized in close up empty mag social situations.
    For it's price, I view HP's major weaknesses as a lack of compact mag capacity and no thumb actuated bolt release. The bolt release issue is by far secondary to the mag cap. So, what I really want, is my HP with a new double stack mag design (preferably 20-rds) and a "bored out" grip.
  7. To make the modifications you want on a Hi-Point carbine are not practical in my opinion. Pick another pistol caliber carbine. I like the Hi-Point carbines but I do not care for the safety lever, but there are cheap modifications you can make to improve it.

    The only practical way you are going to get more magazine capacity is with the Redball Hi-Point magazines because Hi-Point will never make magazines over ten rounds in my opinion. You can chance the Pro Mag Industries magazines but in my experience they have very poor quality control. I have bought about seven magazines from Pro Mag and had problems with two thirds of them. One of them carved out my old Hi-Point carbine magazine well and ruined it. I had to pay out of my own pocket to replace the ruined polymer stock.
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    No you don’t.
    You want something that it’s not and that can’t be done.

    Join the club:
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    I don't know if it can't be done. Just not practical for HP to do it. Thin out the grip walls, reinforce it with a metal sleeve, design a wider 2- in- to-1 mag, turn the battery pack in to a functional grip extension. 20 rounds is probably a stretch, but you might get 15...
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    Now you go encourage him :rolleyes:
    If you want something else then buy another gun.
    JHC....this hi cap bullshit

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    You don't even own a carbine, so I guess you can f*** right off from this conversation.
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    The forum does not require ownership of any HiPoint firearm to be a member.

    Neither is it required in order to participate in any discussion.

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    That gets a like just for the gif on the end of it.:rotfl:
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  14. upload_2020-9-24_22-50-50.jpeg
  15. I meant a shorter overall length and especially a shorter length ahead of the grip.
  16. You'd have to redesign the trigger bar and the sear cam as well. As Rach said, it's not impossible, just not practical.
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    For less than $450 shipped get a Extar9. It will take a 50rd drum.
  18. Thanks for the idea. Honestly, I didn't know this existed.
    My HP still has a place with me at home because of its relative compact nature and fairly solid stock.
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    Actually, you seem to keep forgetting that the ONLY requirement to joining this forum is your willingness to completely surrender yourself to the whims of the evil overlords. They could change your log in information and take over posting as SWAGA right now, disseminating any post or photo you've ever put on here, and there is absolutely no legal recourse for you. We all exist here to create click-bait content that shows up in the major search engines in an effort to sell advertising and our trending data to the AI algorithms designed to keep everyone clicking.

    So if this dude wants to dream about making a 2-1 double stack carbine mag, the only one breaking the rules of the forum is you for shitting on him about it. Which, btw, is a bannable offense according to the Evil Overlords.

    Good thing some asshole with a hint of ODD is in control and let's 90% of the bullshit slide. Otherwise, this would be a very boring place.
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    Not necessarily. A split follower would allow the mag to be necked down to single stack low enough not to interfere with them or require their redesign. Also a much cheaper solution.

    That's why I'm thinking 15 vs 20 for capacity. That, and the 10rd mags for the 4095 are more than 1/2 the width of the 15rd mags for my G20 and if you remove the battery pack, they're the same height as the Glock mags.

    So if Glock, and other manufacturers can get 15 rounds to stack in the same vertical space HP gets 8, without the battery pack giving it +2 capacity... it's very possible that a double stack mag could be easier than we think.