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  1. Before I start cycling rounds through my MN 91/30, just making sure I won't get an AD by doing so. I I've been having problems with the mag popping open when I cycle rounds, so I want to see if it's fixed.
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    If you are unsure of a gun you are unfamiliar with, your next step should be to take it to a real gunsmith and have him look at it.
    Of course, you can always take it to a managed range and test it out there, in a safe manner.
    Whatever fits your comfort level.

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    I'm not familiar with that malfunction on the MN's, but then again it's a valid concern. And you are right: EVERY question is valid, especially with firearms!

    I agree in taking it to a controled range. Most have gunsmiths on site as well as resources for parts and experts within your city if you do encounter problems. If you let the rangemaster know ahead of times, sometimes they'll even get the resident gunsmith to check it out free of charge!
  4. Well I didn't hear it as a problem with MN's, more of the fact I was worried about the bolt striking the primer in some fashion (I've never used a bolt action before). Seems to me there's something to prevent the firing pin from discharging, but this rifle's older than my dad so I figured I'd better check.
  5. It should not accidentally fire as when you cycle the bolt the firing pin is placed in the locked to the rear position and SHOULD not come forward until the trigger is pulled.

    Like the others said, if you have any doubts take it to a gun smith and have it checked out.

    Some of the mag well covers on my MN's are tough to get just right, sounds like your retaining keeper is not all of the way in the hole where it needs to be

    Also make sure you get the the front and rear lined up good or it will not be closed properly and can pop loose