The only thing I want to do right now...

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  1. hit the range and blast away for a while. It's a nice day out, not too hot and humid but far from cold, not much wind, just perfect. But instead, I'm at work, and the prospects of hitting the range again before the 21'st are slim. But still, anybody else with me on this one?
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    I'm with you 100%. Unfortunately, about the only time I can get to the range is Sunday afternoons. On the other hand, if I'm willing to stick to shooting my 22, I can go out behind the house and shoot anytime. Hopefully I'll have a "range" set up for larger caliber guns before the end of the year.

    So uh, let's go shoot. :wink:

  3. I'd love to even be able to shoot .22's in my back yard! I hope someday to own a nice piece of property outside of the city where that sort of thing isn't frowned upon someday :D
  4. That sounds good. Time to dislocate my shoulder again with my M44's. :lol:
  5. I hear you man. I cant get to the range because my van is illegal. the tags are out. and that is the only way for this old boy to get there. its a handy caped van, got the lift for my chair on it. my son has to go to the courthouse here and get new tags for it.
  6. ugh, that's rough Jim :( Hope your son can figure that out for you soon! What do you shoot?