The Pink Lady

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    Shot my cousins wife's Pink Lady Charter Arms .38 special. I liked it. Shot pretty nice and I like all the different color options they have. This isn't the greatest shot placement but we had been shooting non stop for about 3 hours and my hands were sweaty. Lol.
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    Every time I take her to the LGS, my 6yo daughter looks at the pink Charters and tells me she's gonna buy one. Personally, I'm thinking a pink Ruger SR22. ;)

    Good to know that the Charters seem to work well.

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  3. My wife wants a bodyguard .380 with a pink slide. Expensive taste.

    actually S&W BG are already stainless slides and barrels and then melonite coated. They could jump on the girly band wagon with cerekoteing the slides pink.