the price of hp's have went up?

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    i bought a c9 about 3 months ago and i love it, so i thought i would try and buy another one. i've been trying for almost two months to get one, my dealer finally called and said he had one, it was tough to get but he finally got his order. the problem is the price i paid 160.00 out the door 3 months ago, now for this one i'm paying 200.00 out the door. i thought that was kinda high so i checked around my area, and the price is more at other places so i'm buying it. i also checked other guns they have, all jump in price at about 20% to what they were just 3 months ago when i settled on the hp c9. has the prices went up at anyone elses gun shops i thank you for any info
  2. i don't think so....sounds like he is trying to make a buck or two. the places i have checked have stayed consistent. (at least in my case, here in Ms.)

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    I just got one for $130. But different places have different prices :(
  4. Supply stays constant, demand increases... price rises to meet demand. Its economics in motion, unfortunately :(.
  5. Buckeye Outdoors/Vance Shooter supply in Central Ohio are selling the C9 for $119
  6. I bought my new C9 a couple of months ago for $145.00 OTD.
  7. im the other way around paid $189.99 plus tax for the c9 in january now the last one i missed to buy sold for $149.99. cheaper, but now ive been waiting for three weeks and still they havent gotten one in. by the way the .380 they had just last week had a price tag of $169.99. doesnt make sense to me.
  8. i got mine on grand opening sale for $109, now i'll consider i'm lucky if i can find one under $169.
  9. They are in the $200 range in Milwaukee Wisconsin.
  10. were all crying about the theyre still cheaper than others and better too. specially the warranty/customer service part.
  11. $119 In Michigan. i bought my JCP 40, box of FMJ, 3 trigger locks and 30 min. of range time for under $200 out the door. It sounds like he knew you wanted it so he is padding the price up to turn a larger profit margin.
  12. Also, the price may depend on the size of the dealer - Vance/Buckeye Outdoors is a 2 store operation, with a rather large amount of inventory.
    My father in law and Brother in law ran a small local hardware store for years - the main problem they had was that as a 1 store, small town, low inventory operation (They did not keep a lot in stock, as a smaller store you just can't keep your cash tied up sitting on a shelf) was that they could not purchase the quantities to get the discount rate - they usually had to pay the highest wholesale rate. I know on paint for instance, at the prices they had to pay, there were some colors that by the time they added in the cost of the pigment, they were selling it at a loss, but had to keep the retail price the same in order to be competitive - the had to make up the loss on other sales.

    If a dealer can purchase in larger quantities (Vance/Buckeye seem to always have stock on hand), they can frequently get a better wholesale price, and can sell at a lower retail price and still make a profit. So my main point is, that some of the dealers with a higher price may not be just jacking up the price, they may be paying more for it wholesale. Of course, some also may be taking advantage of the supply and demand and getting whatever they can. Just keep in mind that a higher price does not always indicate they are just greedy.
  13. Between the class sessions at the TCP class, I had a lot of time to look at the guns on display. Several times my son (broomhead) remarked that "you could buy 2 or 3 or 4 Hi-Points for that price".
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    If you live in PRKali then that is about right. After 7.75% tax, $30 DROS, FFL handling fee and $12 CA DOJ approved lump o' junk, The gap between retail and out the door is significant. I just bought two C-9's that were both a little over $200 each out the door.
  15. Jamestown, ND

    Here in Jamestown, ND our little gun shop sells both the .380/C9 for $130 out the door; the .40/.45 goes for $145 out the door; and the carbines go for $150 out the door
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    unlimited pawn in aberdeen SD is about 150 for a C9, 175 for a 40 or 45 and 200 even for a carbine.

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    i finally got my dealer to explain to me why hi point went up, it seems he was having trouble getting some from his dist. so he ordered from gun broker. he said he gave 160 for it after shipping, 130 before he said, there were some hp's cheaper but he needed more than one so that guy had 4 so he bought them. and if your wondering why i don't try gun broker, no dealer in my area will let me if they can get one. so i'm stuck paying a little more, but thats ok the guns are still worth 200. i've owned a ruger sr9, p345, and a s&w sigma and they may be better looking, but i had trouble and i mean trouble with all of them and i paid alot more than 200. the hi point has been great no problems at all even with hollow points, and the customer service exccelent. when i called them about their warranty they were the nicest people. can't say the same for ruger they tried to make it sound like i did something to the gun and i would have to pay to have it fixed. s&w was ok but not like hp.
  18. i've found a c9 in my area, and paid $160 with an extra mag otd... hi points are not considered the brand of choice, which still puzzles me because i've seen many c9 priced around $250 :shock: :shock:
  19. Were I bought my JCP in Somerset the price went down 10 bucks a couple of weeks ago on all of the Hi Points they have. Funny thing is its not to get rid of them I was talking to the girl behind the counter and they said they just cant keep Hi Points in stock, people will buy them almost as soon as they get them in.

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    Hmmmm Having problems keeping HP in stock? Must be all the HP's just blowing up all the time ot maybe their all disapeering [You know how those cheap guns just melt away :wink: ] ORRR maybee a lot more gangbangers and drug dealers are getting them [You know the gun of choice for gangs and druggies :wink: ] NAH!! couldn't be!!