The range challenge (Hi Point & there employees don't r

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    as everyone here knows I own several firearms. I love guns. So today our gun club was at the range. We had a nice outing and some great venison bbq. We also had 2 new guys there and they were bashing the HP. I asked them had they ever seen one. One guy said no the other had the usual line of brothers ,mamas, baby girl screwed some guy who claimed he might have shot one. Well I decided to break out one of mine. Well now we have one convert before the challenge was issued. The other guy that had never even seen one piped up and said,"if an hp is so damn great let's put it to the test." I asked him what he had in mind. He said lets just try things we think of and see what will shoot afterwards. I figured hey his brand new Glock don't have a no questions asked warranty. Plus I figured if I fubared my c9 that has ove 5000 rnds through it was ruined no big deal.

    So the first this he wanted to do was get both wet. Ok no problem. Then threw them in sand, then mud, then we ran over both with his truck. Ok so I now have 1 broken grip and a couple a scuffs. His Glock looks worse.Then the barrels of both were packed with mud. I went a step further popped the mag out and packed every crevice I could find with mud. Then they were left in the sun on a black truck and 92* outside with almost 100% humidity while we ate and listened to a guest speaker talk to our kids about gun safety for 2 hrs. No noone could steal our guns as I was sitting beside the truck with another C9 on my belt.After this so called test , we took both and just hosed them out and hosed them off . Of course I sprayed the barrel of mine really well. We put the mags in and his GLOCK FAILED TO FIRE> the HP went through 6 mags before I stopped. He decided to field strip the glock and give a cleaning and it still ftf. Now he is planning to trade the glock in on 2 HPs tomorrow. I did bring the HP home and cleaned it really well & oil the hell out of every thing. Not in excess but lightly coated to prevent any rust. But I proved a point. My local dealer gave me a C9 today for making 11 sales for him.
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    Re: The range challenge (Hi Point & there employees don



    +1 Billion!!!!!

  3. Now THATS dedication. I cant say I would let someone run over my pistol, lifetime warranty or not

    Congrats on the converts!
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    Your word is good enough for me, but dang, pics sure would have done it justice!
    Thanks for going through all that to prove a point.
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    Yeah I wish I had carried my camera with me. The only reason I did it was 1 to prove the HP could handle it. Secondly I have hyped the HP with the gang so much and have put a few guys to shame so I couldn't let them think I was scared. If you guys want I will take pics of the scuffs. :lol: Now if he had wanted to drive over it on asphalt I would have declined. But hey we were in dirt. Still you gotta give props to the HP.
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    Now I wish I had video of the whole thing. I can just imagine the reaction on the Deebs' face to see that happening to one of their babies. Be my luck they revoke my warranty for "abuse". Oh I almost for to tell you guys he did eventually get the Glock to fire. Uhhh..... and hour and a half of cleaning later. The glock was hard to believe that it ftf several times. I have seen things done to them when we would test them for our dept when I was an LEO. I have seen Glocks fried in cooking oil, run over, beat, and generally much other stuff.
  7. Crikey.......... that would've made a sweet video!

    Congrats to you and the HP team!
  8. I have forwarded this thread to Charlie at MKS supply just to get his opinion on it. I can't wait to see his response.
  9. p7196, you may be the reason the Volunteer state steals the motto of Missouri: "the Show Me state". :naughty:

    Keep preaching, brother. :pray:
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    Kewl let me know what he says.
  11. Way to put your pistol where your mouth is. you sir are me hero

  12. I'm not surprise c9 passed the torture test, however, i'm surprise glock didn't.
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    One of things people used to love to do when the Glock was 'new' in the US or to prove how good it was, was to run torture tests very similar to what you describe.

    According to all the gun magazines and people who have done similar tests on their own, the Glock used to pass such things with ease.

    Maybe Glock QC has gone down hill since the rep was earned.
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    I think that old rep for glock was what made him come up with the idea. But I have been preaching the Hi-point sermon to everyone and if I had backed down then they would have had more ammo to bash with. I replaced my broken grip today with an extra my dealer had. I got lucky at first he couldn't find the right side I needed and I thought "well I aint callin HP for a replacement". Hell I may be black balled from owning a HP after yesterday and posting this.
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    nah, i doubt theyd black ball ya, companys love hearing stories like this. hell, they would probably send you a free grip and a mag 4 your trouble!
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    DOn't get me wrong I was not bashing the glock in anyway. I was as surprised as everyone else with the ftf. I just felt that when he said that plastic and potmetal toy can't take what this glock can. In his words too he said" aint no way no dang gun under $200 can come clost to wut this baby can do."After he fired it he liked it and wanted one.
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    Way to go dude.

    Don't cost much, and not much to look at, but they are good guns no doubt.
  18. Considering 11 new purchases where made directly after sounds like better advertising than plastering pics in a gun magazine that ends up next to the crapper anyway!!! Good job to you and your Hi-Point!!!
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    Sweet a Glock chokes before a Hi-Point!
  20. honestly, i have always said that a Hi point was an "generic Glock" anyways. now this ain't bashing a Hi point, but rather the opposite. both guns look quite similar until you get up close, both are capable of amazing accuracy, and both are capable of withstanding some pretty rough conditions. really the only differences between the two are price, reputation, and of course the blowback design of the HP. quite frankly, the Hi point is the last gun in my arsenal that I would get rid of...