The real man's brass tumbler

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  1. screwylewie

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    I built my own ratary tumbler, but i use a five gallon bucket with wet media. Comes out much better than any dry media ever could in a fraction of the time.

  2. What's the process when using wet media?
  3. good idea

    I have an old cement mixer this is doable .
  4. screwylewie

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    primalseal, brass, water, couple drops anti-grease dish soap (dawn), and a squirt lemon juice. Rotary tumbler spinning at about 30 rev/min optimal. after an hour or so brass will look factory new. grungy range brass (brown/black grungy) will take up to 4 hours to look factory new.
  5. What kind of media do you use when you tumble with the wet process.
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    i bulit one out of a five gallon bucket as well. powered it with a variable speed drill and a belt. that way i could vary the speed until it was just right. It held like 2500 9mm cases.

  7. screwylewie

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    Primalseal, no media, just the water, couple drops dish soap, and squirt of lemon juice. I got sick of poking media out of my primer pockets when i used to use dry media and a vibratory tumbler.

    A good friend of mine came over one day and wanted to make a rotary tumbler. he wanted to make it to handle a big bucket (5 gallon). He figured on buying bearings, pulleys, having me machine a houseing, ect. . I told him we could make a tumbler in a half hour useing junk I had laying around. We are argumentative type friends so He bet me I could not. I won. I used an old washing machine motor and pulleys/belts. I had an old lexmard printer that was dead so i used the shafts out of it. add a couple scraps of wood/plywood and Done. Now bear in mind this was made in under 30 mins using as crude of materials as I could find . only tools were a hammer and drill. It was made to be quick and dirty. It has worked great for 3 years now. It sure is a hillbilly tumbler isn't it?

  8. :shock: :shock:

    That is pure white trash genious!!!!!!!! I love it lol.... The fact of the matter is IT PLAIN WORKS!!!!

    Great job!!!
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    I am mad now that I just got rid of my old muller cement mixer. I could have made one. A little overkill however.
  10. Have a friend who loads on a Dillon super 1050 .His tumbler is a modifyed cement mixer that never saw a bag of cement.Yes it works great.
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  12. Hey Stryker1, I have an old paint sprayer that doesn't work anymore, but the electric motor is in great shape. It's a 3 hp 110volt motor, do you think we could rig something up that'd work for large loads of brass?
  13. Wow, awesome...wonder if I an old fridge has a compressor motor that'll work. Never tore into appliances before, but hell this might work. OOOO....wife is talking about getting a new washer and dryier...wonder if i could just convert thr washer over to a giant brass scrubber! The possibilities.
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    How much brass do you guys process? 5000-9000 rounds a sorted load?
  15. Probably shouldn't ask this BUT.Primal what kind is your sprayer.
  16. HAHA
  17. I dont see why not?? I can bring my welder back to texas with me..... I have alot of scrap metal in my garage too...... Should be easy enough.
  18. Please be sure to document this all with photos, I GOTTA see how this turns out.