The 'Real' Reason the Climate is Changing?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Hermitt, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. Hermitt

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    "Earth Has Shifted"

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  2. ajole

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    The earth wobbles, it's a known fact, it's called precession.

    Wobbling to the north? Not sure that makes a lick of sense.

  3. cicpup

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    Are these the folks you want predicting our future?


    The day after this planet formed the climate started changing and it's not scheduled to stop any time soon. Figured we would have caught on by now instead of still believing bull$#!t.
  4. I do know that magnetic is off form what It was as a kid we put a post up 45years ago set compass on it and (maybe the compass is off) but it's a 3-4 deg off of what it was then
  5. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Yep. The Magnetic pole shifts. It was near the South Pole for an eon or's still moving.
  6. Hermitt

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    They also swap places every now and again. It is supposedly in the midsts of doing it now.
  7. ArmyScout

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    Also a known variable, the Earth's rotation is slowing down ever so minutely. During the Mesozoic era, which was approx 185 million years long, and ended approx 65 million years ago, an Earth day changed from 21 hrs to 23 hrs.
  8. MaryB

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    Funny my telescope aiming hasn't changed in 3 years. I turn it on and go without re-aiming and it is extremely sensitive to tiny errors.
  9. Don't let facts get in the way of an agenda. ;)
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    So true flip, so true
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    Well, aiming it at the neighbor's house don't count.... :p ;) :D :cool:
  13. RedRaptor22

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    I have to say I'm a bit more inclined to put more faith into the word of an Inuit than a bunch of lawyers who stand to make a lot of money by selling fictional "credits".

    Primitive people are far more clever than most give them credit for.
  14. What?

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    Oh no, how will I be able to sleep tonight?
  15. FlashBang

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    Why would a magnetic pole change move your neighbors bedroom window?? :p:p:p:p
  16. SWAGA

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    Funny how they're right......

  17. Bamaboy

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    Most of us know the whole Global Climate Scam thing is fake and just a way to steal our freedoms and tax us for a problem that isn't real!
    Earth has periods of unstable weather extreme's and will keep having them no tax or tiny car is going to solve this.
    Enjoy the fours season's and watching the educated types slowly figure out they have paid for and been suckered by the Global Climte Change Myth.
    We split an atom and unleashed its power....yet my car is making the polar ice caps melt.....oh please.
  18. Johnny_B_Goode

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    Before Global Warming was even a thought in the scientific community the LA marsh was disappearing. In the 70's they blamed the loss of the marsh to agricultural drainage of arable areas of the swamp. In the 80's science blamed the intracostal waterway and other navigation projects for the loss of marsh land. Now it is global warming. The oceans are rising. Now we have been able to measure the level of the sea for hundreds of years. How come no one pointed out the rising sea level back in the 70's?
  19. FlashBang

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    Intergalactic aliens are manipulating our planets weather in preparation for their coming invasion. I for one welcome our alien overlords. :p