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    450-pound Bear vs. Hi-Point pistol? Only in Alaska…

    By Dave Dolbee published on August 7, 2014 in Pistols, Survival
    Cheaper Than Dirt "Shooters Log"

    Ever wonder if a $140 pistol was worth the money? Here’s your answer.

    It was in July 2014 when Jim Landess heard loud banging on one side of his home. The 3:30 a.m. pounding shook the two-story Alaska home like a BB in a boxcar. The racket roused Jim’s young son Montana and he went from his ground-level bedroom to the front room to see what was going on. He opened the curtains and looked straight at a big brown bear that started sizing up Montana for a possible early morning snack!

    Jim and the family dog quickly joined the affair and the combination of yelling, barking, and Jim firing couple of warning shots from his .45 ACP Hi-Point handgun convinced the big bear to leave the property. Then everybody went back to bed, because visiting bears are normal for many Alaskans....