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Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by bluharley, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. bluharley

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    I've been looking at SCCY's just out of curiosity and went to visit there forum. A new SCCY owner complained about FTE's on his new SCCY. He sent it back to the company 3 times for "repair", and still does it. All the support he got from fellow SCCY owners was just "I hope you get it worked out" type of thing. the first thing I got here when I complained about FTE's on my new Hi-Point, was a reference to "Limp Wrist!" I haven't been back to the range to verify your diagnosis, but I am sure you are correct. What amazed me at the SCCY forum, is not one mention of "Limp Wrist" or any other operator trouble. You would think after sending it back 3 times, and there is still a problem, someone might have mentioned a problem with the operator! Amazing.
  2. SWAGA

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    Here's a video I've posted before


  3. bluharley

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    I posted that video on their thread, thanks. Not going to make many friends over there I expect, I won't be getting one anyway.
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    More surprising than the ignorance on that forum is the apparent ignorance at SCCY. You'd think they would have given the guy a clue about limp-wristing if the gun itself had no issues.
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    I have one, I "thought" I was having issues on trigger reset. But after shooting it more, I realized that when I was releasing the trigger, my trigger finger was coming into contact with the trigger guard every so slightly. If that trigger does not go ALL the way forward, it does not reset. I cured the issue but shaving down the length of the bottom of the trigger which corrected my problem.
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    I think sometimes firearm company's hesitate to tell their customers that they are shooting the pistol wrong just to avoid the customer complaining online that the pistol is crap but the factory is blaming them.
  7. GoesBang

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    I for one "might" have had the limp writing issue the very first mag I fired my SCCY. 2 FTFs.

    Narry a hiccup with the gun itself since then. Approximately 6 or 700 rounds ago.
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    They don't know much about firearms over there. The only ones that post are the complainers.
    BTW, SCCY is not a range gun. It's a CC defensive weapon, only.
    C-9 is a range gun, not intended for CC.
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    The limp wrist is a common cause for semi-auto malfunctions. You did the guy over there a favor.

    Did you happen to mention that firing Hi Point handguns required strong hands and wrists just to pick them up?? -:)

    I have listened to all the guys whining about how bad the trigger on the Sigma autos by S&W. I grew up with revolvers. Other than a gritty feel when it was new, I have loved that gun from the beginning and frankly, I feel like the SW40VE is the safest, most firepower gun I carry.

    One time I took my High Standard Sentinel .357 to a gunsmith for a trigger job. When I picked it up, it was noticeably smoother on DA, but still a long, heavy pull. When I asked about it, the old gunsmith said "Son, that is a hand canon. You need to be pulling that trigger on purpose, so it needs to be heavy!"

    Limp wrist a 40cal gun sometime and give us a report. Better yet, post a video.
  10. bluharley

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    Oh I have, it was my JCP I complained about my first time out with it and the FTE's. Haven't been out with it since, but I'm sure I'll do better next time.
  11. GoesBang

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    Not a range gun, but like any defense weapon you need to keep in practice. Which means you have to fire it! I do that as often as I can find the time and ammo, the second of which isn't that hard.
  12. greg_r

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    All my firearms are range guns. If not they would be of no use to me. Have to shoot em to remain proficient with them.

    FWIW, I have lost count of the rounds fired through my SCCY. It finally failed today. Spring came disengaged from the slide catch. It was an easy fix, but it sure jammed up the works.