The Steyr Aug

Discussion in 'Curio & Relic Zone' started by steyraug223, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. steyraug223

    steyraug223 Guest

    I want this gun so much, someone should give me 4 grand for the semi version, or better yet 21 grand for the full auto version :D

  2. Dream on buddy! If I had 21K for a gun, I'd buy it for myself. :wink:

  3. It is a cool looking gun, though. Hope it shoots good for that price.
  4. unclerob

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    That's 140 C9's
    WOW-wee wow-wow
  5. Ari

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    I saw one for like $2400 (in the semi auto version.) I wish I could remember where I saw it
  6. s0b3

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    probably a USR at that price. check out the MSAR STG556, domestically produced Aug for $2k. I had an AUG but sold it last year. It's a very well balanced rifle.
  7. That's still a big price for a gun. Maybe I'm not unfamiliar with it.
  8. steyraug223

    steyraug223 Guest

    forgot i posted this oops.
    ahh i want it. Was it the aug or the US made AUG? and the prices were from the last gun show i went to they may have changed.
  9. s0b3

    s0b3 Member

    It was the original green steyr aug. got $3200 for it. you can find them for $3000-$3400 depending on if it's an early or later one (later has roller bolt carriers and a different firing pin). there were less black augs imported so those command a higher price. gsi was able to do some receiver swaps and got some with a picatinny rail and those cost even more. if you do buy one and get a 16", make sure it's a factory 16" and not a cut down 20".
  10. My friend has one. When I first saw it I thought "What a POS, green plastic"!

    After shooting it I love it. Its the best rifle ever made. If I were to go into combat I would want to be armed with a Styer Aug!
    Mr SNS
  11. s0b3

    s0b3 Member

    interchangable barrels is ingenious. the only upgrade it needed was the trigger tamer that someone started selling. with adi and msar making domestic augs, many parts are interchangeable so it's no longer a "dead" gun.
  12. s0b3

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    Main differences btw. MSAR STG-556 and Aug:
    Forward Assist (like AR15s)
    Fluted Barrel
    Rails on receiver for goodies
    Last Round Bolt Hold Open Release
    Uses proprietary mags which are compatible with Augs but not Aug->STG556 compatible (rumor is you can dremel Aug mag to work but their mags are so cheap why bother)

    AXR- TPD

    Main differences:
    Secondary magazine release added for ease and simplification of magazine changes

    Forward assist integrated into the charge handle as original, no need to un-shoulder the weapon to force a finicky cartridge

    Uses widely available and cheap AR15 mags
  13. steyraug223

    steyraug223 Guest

    I had looked at MSR's website and i am very interested in getting one... also does anyone know how the TAVOR compares internally to the steyr aug?
  14. Milehile

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    Hmm, 21 grand. I'd rather buy a new car. 4 grand, pay off debts, visit my friend in Toledo whom I haven't seen in a while and take him out for drinks. Buy a few hand guns, and then top it off with a kick arse computer upgrade.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Hmmm... Now just to win Powerball :wink: :D
  16. s0b3

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    a full auto m16 will run you 15k-16k, that's a little cheaper :D