The Tan and Black is gone

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  1. So most of you saw my tan and black xd9 well today after having that one for a little over 2 months some kid came into the pawn shop with a brand and I mean brand new never been fired all original paperwork xd9 so what did I do I hoped in my truck ran home grabed the tan an black and did a strait swap with my buddy. So now I have a new xd-9 thats just all black. What I need to know from yall is should I paint my new xd? Do you think that it will void my warrenty? If it does not void the warrenty what color should I paint it? Just to refresh your memory of what the tan and black was I still have pictures and for anyone that did not get to see her here she is
  2. Well, that's to take up with SA. My personal feeling is that 1) If you do it right, no, and 2) Hell, Yeah!

    The problem is that the manufacturer can't guarantee how careful you were on your masking, and they therefore can't know how much spray you may have gotten into the works.

    That caveat stated: heck yes! it's a great look. But: YMMV.

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    I'm a fan of the all-black look myself, but it's your gun!
  4. What were your ideas of color/theme? If it's done tastefully, hell yeah. Modded guns and special projects are awesome and always make good gun porn. Let us pick your brains a bit, what did you have in mind?
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  6. Well my 2 favorite colors are black and red so I might go something along those lines as long as it does not void the warenty if i cant paint it all up i the letters look real cool all colord in so I might go that way as well. maby I could find a nice bright red and color the letters in with that. I need to get a hold of springfield to find out what will void my warrenty.
    Im off to work I wont be back till friday or saturday.
    Take it easy,
  7. Black with red letters would look awesome! Go with your own taste and have fun. :)
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    That sounds good too. I don't think coloring the lettering would hurt the warranty. If you use the first method, it can be undone should you decide you don't like it, or grow tired of it.
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    i dont get it.. you had a black and tan XD9.. and you traded it straight up for a new all black XD9 and now youre considering painting that one.. possibly black and tan.. ?? right?

    so basically you just wanted a new gun.
  10. Someone from the old forum also suggested that you can use crayons to color in the engraved lettering... Yes, crayons as in crayola. I don't know how long it lasted, but it was a good idea.
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    Ya check the above link :wink:
  12. I didn't read the whole thread all the way through, more like just skimmed the last few posts.... Thanks for keeping it real Ari! :wink:
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    outstanding info you dug up there Ari.

    I think the Crayon method will be my first choice. Especially if I do not like the color.

    The permo can come after I find the right color.
  14. Im not going to paint it tan again im still decieding on what I should do to it. Most likley just color in the letters and logo on go with the K.I.S.S theory.
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    Yeah thats some digging ARI... :wink: :lol:

  16. Not sure if I missed something, but why did you trade a gun that was 2 months old for a new, yes i mean brand new, gun of the exact some make and model? Just to have the chance to do it again or what? Just really curious on that.
  17. I bought the gun paint sticks that mrmerriweather gave us the link to. It came out really nice on the Hi Point pistols and carbines, and fair on the milsurps I own.
  18. I bought the black and tan one that way and wanted to do my own custom work to one and this guy at the pawn shop had never seen one with a tan slide so I swaped him. Now im just going to paint the letters and the emblem on the top and thats it. I kind of want my gun not to stand out like that one did.