The ultimate 10-22?

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  1. Sweet...but not $4,075.00 sweet.....

  2. Langford

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    blah. I like to be able to use my guns.
  3. Don't get me wrong: I agree, and I'd never buy this, even if I had the bucks. But I am always impressed by the lengths to which human ingenuity and effort will go.

    Do I want it? No.

    Am I glad that someone built it? Yep!
  4. Mordecai

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    If I was an upper class citizen, I'd buy it for its collectability....
  5. hpman

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    It'll probably be worth 5 times that in a few years.
  6. Nice rifle. Hard to imagine that Ruger has made FIVE MILLION of them. That's a WHOLE lot of 22 cartridges downrange. :)
  7. I have never had an ever for bling on guns so to me its worth less than a good field grade 10/22.
  8. Strangerous

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    Here is something to think about, it you are not convinced of how much 5million really is... IF every person who bought a Ruger 10/22 shot only ONE 50 round box through it since it was first made, AND DIDNT EVER FIRE IT AGAIN.

    That would be 250,000,000 bullets downrange.
    at 30 - 60 gr per bullet... that's 7,500,000,000 - 15,000,000,000 gr of lead...
    that's um... stares into space...
    7500000000 grains = 485992500 grams...
    485992500 grams = 1071430.059 lbs...
    1071430.059 lbs = 485.992 Tons of lead...
    That's if they all only shot ONE box, and shooting small 30 grain bullets!
    It can easily be between 485.995 - 971.99 Tons... given the 30-60gr bullet


    You know it's actually way more than that, who only puts 50 rounds through a .22?
  9. uncle jerky

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    Apparently, 43 bids indicate someone wants it pretty badly.
  10. yeah and if noone else noticed it still has 27 days to go i bet it sells for a lot more then its at now.
  11. Last I saw it, 4,275.00 Atleast profits are going to a good cause.

  12. Nice, but I would never pay anything close to that for a gun.