The ultimate "whacker" rifle

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  1. Ok, here's what I'm looking for. I need to make plans for my Winter 2008 gun buy... I'm looking at a firearm which I can completely trick out for the sake of tricking out (quad rails, forward pistol grip, tac light, laser, red dot scope, etc. I want the ultimate "EvilBlackatTac" as I'm going to call her. So far I've seen some pretty neat things does to SKS and Sub-2000 rifles, and while I know the AR-15 is probably "THE" ultimate platform, my budget is going to be rather limited and so far I've scoped out ways of doing it to an SKS/2000 for about half the price. SKS + Black adjustable stock: <$300. AR-15: >$600.
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    Why not a full on AK? Matter of fact why not a Saiga? still has the .223 Saigas for $259. (7.62x39 $249) That is a much better base gun to start with then the other two.


  3. Smashing idea, chap! Spot on, spot on! Such a good price... darn it. I was trying not to spend any more money but I feel like I should jump on this...

    edit: and I think I'd go with the 7.62x39... as much as I'd like the "American" caliber, I like the prices and ballistics better of the 7.62 round.
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    Hahaha! Don't you hate it when you aren't planning on spending money, but than you see something for a price you just don't want to turn down?
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    I too say go for the Saiga. For the price they can't be beat IMO. It would be different if the Saiga was some cheap knock off, but it's not. It's Russian made by Izhmash.