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  1. Is anyone else in love with this program?
  2. I've watched it since it first came on. When I'm not home to catch it, I download it. I liked last years theme song better though.

  3. I am more partial to the first years theme song.
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    me too
  5. Watched it for the first time last night and I really enjoyed the show. I am not a big fan of network tv but NCIS and The Unit seem like shows I will watch again next week.

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    I own the first season on DVD. I concur, like last year's opening song vs the new ghey wanna be Baywatch song. WTH were they thinkin'?
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    The CSI NY theme reminds me of the Baywatch theme, lol..

  8. The thing about watching military/para-military/law enforcement shows is that... they're entertaining, but they're just not "real" for me. I mean, some of the shows want to come close, but you see something that just "wouldn't happen," and you know it was thrown in there for "entertainment" purposes... Artistic license is OK, but I guess that I want to keep it real. And, what's all this drama about the women? We could do with a little less of that in my opinion. I like it when it's heavy on the "ops" stuff. Even though I criticize it, I still watch is every Tuesday... there's nothing else on that even comes close.
  9. If I feel the need to watch a military drama series, I'll usually pull out my Band of Brothers DVD set and put that on. I know it's a mini-series so it doesn't exactly count, but I think it's gotta be one of the most amazing things to hit the TV screen ever. Just my .02 :)

  10. That's an easy question to answer Guapo, RATINGS!!! That's what they were thinking...

    Talking about Band of Brothers, eqfan, is a totally different thing. The film makers actually went out of their way to capture the reality of the WWII era soldier in combat. My wife's grandfather still won't watch it. He jumped into Normandy with the 1st of the 509th and was in Bastogne with the 1st of the 506th. That whole mini-series depicts 2 years of his life he's worked hard to forget.
  11. Yes I try to watch it every week.
  13. I have been watching NCIS and The Unit since day one. The wives story line does get a little nauseating, but that way my wifey will watch also! :lol:
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    Big fan of the unit here. TiVo it every time it's on. I've been watching it since the pilot. hooked from day one :)