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  1. Note to Admin and Mod's... Please leave this in the General HiPoint Forum because it gets a lot more traffic from new guys than the Reviews Forum, and it addresses some specific issues with loading HiPoint mags.

    Rimfirehunter's review of the UpLULA mag loader

    A couple weeks back one of our forum members, Maverick, offered to send the Admin and Moderators a UpLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loader for evaluation and review. Last week the little brown truck arrived with a brand new UpLULA loader. I have been really busy around the house for the last week, so the loader sat in my Reloading Shack till today.

    The UpLULA is a high quality product, made in Israel of what looks to be high impact type polymer. The pivot points on the loader use quality steel spring and the beak is made of steel. The loader also has a small locking tab that will keep the loader closed, this provides a slightly smaller package for stowing in the gear bag, but it also gave me a few fits at first. More on this later.

    To use the UpLULA you simply place it over an empty magazine, which is rested on a flat surface like a table or your leg. Compress the loader by squeezing it with your grip hand, push the loader down, insert bullet, release grip, compress, push down, insert bullet.. and continue until the mag is loaded to capacity. Advertised loading speed is 1rd per second, and with practice you can defiantly load a mag at the advertised speed.

    Now back to that little locking tab. When I first started playing around with the UpLULA it would lock up on me while loading a mag. What was happening is I would grip the loader with my right hand and during the squeeze and push part of the loading process my thumb would engage the locking tab. I spoke with PrimalSeal via a phone conversation and he experienced the same problem when holding the loader with his right hand, but didn't have any problems when holding the loader in his left hand. Well, I switched hands and it turned out to be a flawless loading process once I got the hang of it. Another member on the forum has used the loader and didn't have any issues with the locking tab.

    According to documentation on the UpLULA loader package, and web site, it will load almost all single and double stack 9mm, .357Sig, .10mm, .40, and .45 cal rounds and magazines. It will also load some .380 mags provided the width of the feed lips are at least 8mm or wider. With this information at hand I took out my double stack Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro 12rd mags, HiPoint C9 8rd and 10rd mags, HiPoint 995 10rd mag, Bersa Thunder 7rd mags and the Bulgarian Makarov 9x18Mak single stack mags. Below is what I found.

    Taurus double stack:

    Loading was flawless once I got the squeeze, push down, release, squeeze, push down, release process down. I was loading at the advertised 1rd per second.

    HiPoint single stack:

    Loading went very smooth even though the single stack mags don't fit as snugly in the loader as the double stacks do. Everyone knows how hard it is to get the last two rounds loaded in a HiPoint mag right? Sure we all do and its always one of the big complaints on the forum. Well I am here to tell you that the UpLULA loader ends that hard to load last two rounds in the 8rd and 10rd HiPoint Mags. My 995 mags was brand spanking new and the UpLULA sent 10 rounds into the mag without an single scratch on my thumb and no foul language coming from my lips.

    Bersa Thunder .380 single stack:

    Loading was not as smooth on the Bersa .380 mags as with the larger 9mm mags. The steel beak on the UpLULA is wider than the opening on the mags lips, so it takes a little different approach to load the Bersa mags than it did the Taurus and HiPoint mags. In order to load the Bersa .380 mags I had to insert the loaders steel beak into the mag, then compress and push down, this allowed the steel beak to get below the feed lips and then the loading process was as easy as any other. But you have to repeat the process just right on each bullet, otherwise the steel beak wont get down into the mag.

    Makarov single stack:

    This one was tricky because the Mak uses a short, stubby 90-95gr bullet and that stubby little bullet would not allow the smooth squeeze, push down, insert, release process. The steel beak would hang under the nose of the Mak bullet and not allow the UpLULA to open on its own. I did find a work around for this and it allows me to load those, hard to load, Mak mags pretty fast now. When inserting the bullet into the mag, via the UpLULA, just hold the nose of the bullet in place and give the UpLULA and slight upward tug and it will release properly. Defiantly not as smooth as the 9mm mags, but it does work better than trying to load a Mak mag by hand.

    You can get more details on the UpLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loader, and other loaders, at:

    Below are some pics of the UpLULA mag along with two video’s, one is me loading a HiPoint C9 8rd mag and the second is me loading the HiPoint 995 10rd mag. Have to admit that loading the 995 mag was not as smooth as the C9 mag, but the 995 mag is new and my work table is not the greatest in the world. I decided to keep the vid just to show how the UpLULA operated with factory new mag and the tight spring.

    The UpLULA as you will see it on the shelf:

    This is a nice compact loader, here its in the closed position for transport.

    The is looking into the loader from the top, you can see the steel beak that's used to compress the mag follower.

    Here I am with the first round sitting in the loader.

    First round is done and its ready for another.

    Ok for the vids.. Vid one is with the HiPoint C9 8rd mag and Vid 2 is with the HiPoint 995 10rd mag. Quality and sound are ok, but the file sizes are kinda large, so if you are still on dial up you may want to skip the vids.

    Loading the HiPoint C9 8rd with the UpLULA.

    Loading the HiPoint 995 10rd with the UpLULA

    A quick Update to the UpLULA and HiPoint Mags

    Like a kid with a new toy I have tested the UpLULA loader on every HiPoint magazine I have on hand. This included five 8rd and one 10rd C9 mag and two 995 10rd mags. After loading each mag several times with the UpLULA something caught my attention and I decided to go back and reload each HiPoint mag yet again.

    Everyone who has a C9, 995 or CF380 has expierenced problems with the last couple rounds being loaded doing the old nose dive routine. This requires a hefty thumb push at the base of the rounds or a couple palm slaps to correct so thet sit nose high in the mag. If the round is not nose high it will most likely jam against the feed ramp lip when the slide is racked and released. Anyway, after using the UpLULA loader I noticed that the top two rounds in each mag was sitting in the nose high position, or the proper position if you must. I bet I loaded each mag six or seven times today and I never had to go back and "adjust" the feed angle of the top rounds as I almost always have to do when loading by hand. Anyone else with a UpLULA and HiPoint mags noticed this?

    Last but least... I like this loader and highly recommend you guys with CF380's, C9's and 995's get one. Didnt have access to the .40S&W and .45 mags to check them out, but I am sure they will work as well as the C9 and 995 mags did.


    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Very good you get a silver star [OK maybe a gold star :lol: ]

  3. You just blew my review out of the water RFH... :shock:

    Eloquent to the point of Breath taking. :wink:
  4. Very nice review rimfirehunter, now you have me wanting one of the darn things :D
  5. Maverick

    Maverick Guest

    All I can say is WOW... Nice review, Great Pics and a Awsome Video. You really pulled out all the stops.

    Thanks for all the hard work, HPFF is a better place with people like you.
  6. Awesome review. :D

    LULA's are the best thing since sliced bread.

    I just got an UPLULA and I just messed around with it for a few minutes, but it's great.

    The AR & AK models are just amazing. You can load just about as fast as you can shoot. :lol:
  7. Awesome review!

    I've had the UpLULA since last Spring, and I am soooooo glad I got it. Didn't take long for me to get tired of sore thumbs and such. When I go to the range, I usually go through 200-250 rounds of ammo each visit.

    Unfortunately, that hasn't been very often since earlys summer (see my post "Been away for a bit..." in the Welcome Aboard section). Hopefully I'll be able to get out some this Winter now that my schoolwork is done.

    Again, Awesome review!

  8. The one thing I did notice when shooting the 995 with mags loaded with the UpLULA is that most of the rounds "nose down" and have issues feeding. Make sure you check your weapon for operation before you take it to the range. If you don't you'll start to get very frustrated with it. Just an FYI.
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    Dang, rim: I am sold!
    No offense, Primal, but man, those vids convinced me!!!
    Anyone here sell them? Even the rifle .223 and AK versions?
  10. Maverick

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    It will be interesting to see if rimfire has feed problems like Primal seems to be experiencing with some (but not all) of his mags; or if his works/feeds fine like all of my mags seem to.

    I wonder where Taurus is on his loader???

    Over in the firearms reviews and range reports, I have edited the original thread (first post) with links to places where you can buy them.
  11. After reasing Primal's reply I did some more testing with the UpLULA, using the C9 and 995 mags. I loaded all my C9 mags to full capacity using the UpLULA loader, cycled them thru the C9 and then repeated the process by hand loading each mag. No issues at all with either method in the C9.

    Then I did the same thing with my 995 mags. Well, hand cycling the 995 was less than perfect using mags loaded with the UpLULA or by hand. I will be taking the 995 to the range today or tomorrow and see what happens under actual shooting conditions. Last time I shot the 995, about 40rds, I had zero feed issues and this was with handloaded mags.

  12. I have them, but I can't really buy them cheap enough to get the price where I'd like it to be.
  13. Maverick

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    I didn't know you carried them Benny! I just added a link for your site in the Original Post in the other section.

    I don't know how many people will see it there, so I will post your link here too. I know I would rather buy from you and support a fellow forum member. :wink:
    *Our very own Benny has them for $29.99*
  14. I got some range time today with my C9 and .40S&W. I did notice that the last two rounds were in fact in the (mostly) nose up position (the mags I used are still relatively new and not very broken in). I did experience first round feed issues, but I attribute that to the still-newness of the mags, not to loader. On my borken in mags, no problems last time I used them in the Spring/early Summer.

  15. Dude, I told you RFH's review blew mine out of the water!!!

    The thing is, my wife won't let me touch the new digi camera, it's "Hers" for her birthday... Hell, I PAID FOR THE DAMN THING!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:
  16. Mine arrived direct from Israel yesterday and will try this baby out when I get my mag shipment, hopefully on Friday.
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    I found one hiding in the very back of my academy shelf. scanned for $20 so it went home w/ me. Its a nice little piece of plastic.

    you dont really notice that its a big improvement on loading till you try and go back to loading by hand though.
  18. O I don't think that I would load by hand anymore after loading with my uplula. I think that its great if you shoot you would really benifet from having one of these little things.
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    mine came in the mail yesterday from ebay and after about 5 minutes my wife had it down to a science, she easily hit the one second per round claim. now if she'll just let me practice, i'll be happy. great invention