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    Hey guys,

    So the wife talked me into getting her a SCCY CPX-1 in pink. We went originally to get her the CF.380 but she really fell in love with that SCCY. She got a chance to shoot it along with my C9. It's a nice shooting gun. I used some of my 147gr Nosler loads to lower the recoil and it worked out well. She fell in love. I must admit, I kind of like it to. Love my C9 but could definitely see getting one of these as a daily carry. Came with 2 double stack 10 rd mags.

    So I get home and get familiar with it. It is so basic. More basic than a High Point. The slid is actually what holds the barrel and feed ramp (all one piece) in place. The slide is held in place by a pin that comes out with the east of a finger nail pry, slides forward and its apart. Simple. 10 seconds. Why can't High Point design a gun like this. Seriously, this thing is so simply made, but well made I just do not see why High Point cannot do something similar to this.

    Anyway, thought I'd share. Not sure if any of you other guys have any of these SCCY pistols, but for $275.00 she is happy, and I think I am going to pick one up as well.

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  2. Hansj3

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    Is it, like, pumpkin spice latte basic?

    They are neat little things, and work well from what I've seen

  3. FirearmFanatic

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    Cant go wrong with a SCCY! My wife has a CPX2 in carbon black and loves it! And the good thing was I only had to pay $236.00 including the transfer fee for it! :D
  4. histed

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    SCCY is a great little pistol. My wife had one for a long time and really liked it, too. They work well with 125 gn lead round nose bullets and True Blue or CFE Pistol. You know the CPX 3 is 380, right? Love to try one of those
  5. undeRGRound

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    Here's $215 (shipped, it seems) and the guys also said there was a place
    selling them for $199 shipped also, recently... maybe they will chime in!
  6. Dane

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    SCCY $220 shipped at RK guns, but out of stock online. Maybe in the store? Store near me got some more in yesterday.
  7. It's a Kel-tec design, pick up a P11 and you'll immediately see the resemblance. Talon, Standard Arms, Cobra, and who only knows copied that design. Why George Kelgren never sued is beyond me. Anyway, the big issue for Hi-Point is that all Hi-Point slides are made of Zamak. (Talon tried to make their slides out of Zamak and they broke sending the slide back into the shooters faces.) IIRC when Hi-Points -make that Haskell, Stallard, and Iberia- came into being there were folks available in the Ohio region who were experts (automotive) in the casting of Zamak.

    So the die was cast. Pun intended.

    I do wish I didn't have to drive out a pin to disassemble my Hi-Points, but I still love 'em!
  8. greg_r

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    SCCY makes a great product. I have carried mine for several years now. Looking forward to the release of the CPX3 in 380.
  9. MarkWS

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    Not sure if they are in stock but I just got a Rural King ad for $209.
  10. mn_doggie

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    Ya gotta patent something before you can sue.

    And not every new design item is patentable.

    Most new designs are a collection of different ideas that have been done long before.

    For example, many think the first Glocks were very innovative and all other striker fired pistols were copies of Glocks new design.

    In reality many of the Glock "firsts" were based on other earlier models by other companies.

    The Remington Nylon 66 was the first polymer firearm, long before Glocks were introduced.

    Heckler and Koch VP70 made the first striker fired polymer firearm in 1970, a full 10 years before Glock produced one.

    The trigger safety on the Glocks was first found on the Iver Johnson's Arms and Cycle Works revolvers in the early 1900's.
  11. lklawson

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    Meh. I'll stick with my Kel Tec P11, which is what SCCY ripped off for the design.

    HP handguns ARE simpler. The design goal of the HP handguns is for the user to not have to disassemble them for regular cleaning. Drop the mag, lock back the slide, and clean. That's it. Don't take it apart. In fact, if you disassemble a HP handgun too often it will wallow out the hole for the retaining pin. Last time I checked HP didn't recommend disassembly until 5,000 rounds.

    Seriously. Just shoot it. Clear it. Lock the slide open. ...and then clean it in that condition. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
  12. xtremeweather

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    I agree Kirk, love my HP's They are simple enough.. I guess I was just surprised at the simplicity of the SCCY. The P11. Yeah, I was all set to grab one last night or the SCCY but they only had a pink and teal models in the SCCY's and one gray Kal Tec. I must say I was very disappointed in the finish of the P11 they had there. It looked used, but I saw him take it right out the sealed box. Another issue I have with the P11 was the grip. Its short, an the mag did not have an extender on it. Something I guess I have to buy from Kel Tec seperate. My pinky had no where to grip. One mag with it?!?!? They need to get on point with SCCY, S&W, Taurus, and Rugar. All those sub compacts come with two mags. Long story short. I walked out with a new Taurus PT111 G2. Very impressed with it, and what I have been reading online about it. It also came recommended by the guys at the store over the Kel Tech.
  13. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Then you did good.:)

    How was it priced compared to the SCCY and Keltecs? I know it should be right there about the same, but if it were within $50-$80, I still think it's a no-brainer, FAR better trigger, especially.
  14. xtremeweather

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    The SCCY's where $274.95, Kel Tec 279.95 and the Taurus was $269.95 It was not an impulse I stood there and researched the hell out of that gun on my phone before I bout it. At the end of the night, it seemed to me like a no brainier especially at that price.
  15. xtremeweather

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    Here it is.. excited to get to the range this weekend and put a box or two through it.

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