Thefts of Firearms From Shooting Ranges on the Rise in Houston

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  1. by S.H. Blannelberry on May 21, 2020

    Authorities in Houston are concerned about the rise in gun jugging, local media reports.

    Not familiar with the term “jugging”?

    It’s basically a stalk and steal approach criminals use to take cash from bank customers who’ve recently withdrawn money from an automatic teller machine (ATM).

    They watch, wait, and then strike when the victim least suspects it or is most vulnerable.

    Gun jugging is the same thing except criminals target guns instead of cash. Ranges are a popular hangout for gun juggers because shooters are coming and going all the time, and sometimes they don’t take all their firearms out of their vehicles at once.

    Any firearms left behind are easy pickings.

    Sergeant Tracy Hicks with Houston Police Department told KHOU11 that car break-ins where guns were stolen are up over 100 this year compared to the same time last year (Jan-April), totaling 754 incidents versus 646 in 2019.

    “These guys are targeting those people,” said Sergeant Tracy Hicks. “They’re also learning, why not go for more than one gun?”

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  2. undeRGRound

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    I was acutely aware of my personal situation today, when I walked out of one LGS (that had an indoor range) carrying two Colt Python Revolvers... $3060.xx sticker price. Later today, I walked INTO another LGS (small town shop) carrying no less than three. Glad we're smaller than Houston! But at no time were the weapons left unattended in my vehicle. ;)

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    Whats your address again ??? :lurk:
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  4. When I go out into the wilderness shooting on my own I like to carry a loaded pistol with me. If any funny business starts going on while I am out checking targets I then am more cable of handling a bad situation. It is not wise to be unaware of your surroundings especially when people know you have firearms.
  5. Northslope

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    im in the habit of “checking out “ the people at the range at our range in the national forest before i decide whether to shoot or not . i have seen some SKETCHY looking people at times. i never go downrange without a fully loaded AR at least and always keep something loaded up with me at all times. in fact , when i park and walk down i will have usually two loaded weapons, my carry pistol and a rifle .ive been told im paranoid but my thoughts have always been that an isolated range would be a perfect place for some really bad guys to try and get some nice weaponry. in fact there have been murders at isolated ranges before just for that reason. i take no chances
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    You don't really want to know LOL
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  7. SWAGA

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    Are these thefts as in “boating accidents” and “house fires”?
  8. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Are you suggesting possible double dipping? Sell a gun FTF, then claim loss to collect insurance?

    Or just claiming loss to get it off the books?
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    You tell me....
    A range or gun store parking lot seems like the dumbest place to break into a car.
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    Northslope, you and I are on the same wavelength. There are plenty of bad actors around, and I'm not talking about Steven Seagal.
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    But a good place to find guns.

    Peace favor your sword,
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  12. Stealing guns wasn't what came to my mind when I read the term "gun jugging"...
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  13. The term "gun jugging" is stupid slang to me. I did not write this article though. It won't be a term I ever use.
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    Honey I’m off to the range!
    “What again?”
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    Sometimes I forget people pay places to shoot their own guns. I just back up to my spot and shoot
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  17. missiledefender

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    When I lived in Missouri, people were doing something similar. The bad guys would wait in the woods until you were empty, had shot all of your ammunition and then just step out and rob people of their weapons.

    The fix was when people didn't leave the range with empty weapons anymore.
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  18. moona11

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    Always have a loaded gun.
  19. And an alert guard dog who can smell other humans right quick.... but yes, always have a loaded gun or 3 on your person
  20. Related topic, its always a crime of "opportunity" as in "see the opportunity to get guns free; take that opportunity". A while back, someone managed to steal a modified, framed Mounted Mechanized Crewman's Equipment Bag (a giant duffel bag in essence) loaded with merchandise from a gun show I was doing, and disappear in the space of 30 minutes from when I parked my car and went inside the apartment. That prompted apartment managers to install dome cameras on poles.. which promptly got taken out by BBs or rocks.. and also got cabling cut for the copper goodness :rolleyes: since then, I've made it a policy to leave nothing of "value" in the car, and to keep it locked 24-7.