"There Are No Shootings in Britain"

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  1. Less than a block from my house:


    Was chilling in the living room when I heard the shot. My brother-in-law said it was probably just a car, but I discovered when you live in one giant gun-free zone for a while, gunshots become very distinct and I knew exactly what it was.
    Was changing the baby about a half hour later when I saw the medevac helicopter fly right by the house and land by the train station. That's pretty much when I realized someone was shot.
    We actually looked at places in Forum Court before we moved into the house we're in now.

    I actually went and checked out the line of sight from the house to where the shots were fired. If they hadn't hit their target, they could have easily struck the back of the house, where the kitchen is on the first floor, my brother-in-law's bedroom is on the second floor, and the nursery is on the third floor.
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    How much do you want to bet that is wasn't a legal firearm.

  3. What sucks is that it's looking like it was. If it were a pistol or a rifle, yeah, but so far they have recovered a shotgun, which are relatively easy to get legally over here (by British standards, anyways).
  4. So you only have to sacrifice your rights to privacy and personal information, and not your first born?
  5. Actually, when you apply for a gun permit, they do say they have the right to interview your kids, so no, you pretty much gotta put them up for it as well. :p
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    Will they take a MIL in place of your first born?
  7. I like my MIL, so can I offer them yours? :D
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    I wonder if it was birdshot...?

  9. Wouldn't surprise me; pheasants walk around over here like they own the place; every morning I gotta dodge at least five of them in the car on the way to work.
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    'dodge a pheasant'...?


    Oh, wait, you're in England.

    You have to avoid body damage to Your (tiny?) vehicle.

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    i'll gladly donate my MIL to your cause.
  12. I drive a Ford Mondeo, which is basically a Ford Contour/Fusion, so it fills a lane. The roads are small, but the vehicles are pretty sizeable.
    But they don't fear cars out there. Actually had a swan attack my car before. Which wouldn't be so unusual if I wasn't going 40 MPH and it charged me head-on. Earned the name "Suicide Swan" and would always hang out outside the front gate and tease the guards. Finally it messed with a semi and lived up to its nickname.
    Birds are the #1 roadkill. Deer usually know to stay away from roads, as so most rodents, but the birds...had a pigeon explode on my windshield before, freaked the Hell out of the gate guards when I rolled in a few minutes later; I was driving our Honda which is silver and it looked like someone had taken a bucket of red paint, tossed in some meat, and went Jackson Pollock on it.

    My coworker actually hit a pheasant and it blew through his grill and destroyed his radiator. It was actually pretty hilarious until we had to get in there and pick the thing out.
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    And they wonder why people don't like small cars...

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    Headline in 'no-guns" Great Britain - "Gun crime goes up by 89% in a decade"

    Preach'n to the choir, I know... :(

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Center them under my F150, back up and pick up bird with a broken neck...