There goes my neighborhood.... shooting just occured

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  1. Well, me and the wife are sitting here at 11:05pm and we hear 4 gunshots (clear as day) from the street behind us.

    As of right now it looks like a high school party gone bad... from all the kids coming out of a house. More info as it becomes available.
  2. Man I'm glad I live out in the boonies.

  3. Well, this is a really nice neighborhood, family homes, friendly neighbors, quiet streets. Funny thing is we just got our neighborhood monthly flier today, had a grand total of 1 car break in, 1 assault, 2 reported disturbances..... I guess add one shooting to the list for next month.
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    Dang... Keep us updated!
  5. glad to hear you and the family are fine bushman.. the so called "safe areas" are now a thing of the past..
  6. Nice......damn kids.

    I was hearing booms and stuff all last night; there is someone across the valley from us that apparently dabbles in explosives.......but we are out in the county, so it's not harm, no foul, until something comes flying through a window, then I'm shooting back........
  7. Yes... damn kids. Even worse is the immoral cretins who sell high school aged kids handguns... or even worse, the parents who leave 'em lying out for the kids to grab or even let 'em keep 'em. I'd like to think I was mature enough to carry a handgun when I was 18 years old, but I can name maybe one or two of my friends out of a few dozen who I could have said the same about.
  8. Yep. What pisses me off that the street it happened on is a dead end street. Nobody drives through the neighborhood unless they are from here or going to visit someone from here. Yet the news an people claim it was an uninvited guest. He had to know there was a party at that particular house, its not like he was cruising and saw the party and decided to crash it.
  9. Eh... could have found out about it from a mutual friend who was invited and decided to crash it. Who knows.
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    Although I must say, from my mid-teens and on myself and my friends all had access to large selection of quality firearms. However our parents took the time to properly train us as younger children and teens on how to handle a firearm.

    So when I read something like this my first thought goes to the parents....where the hell are they these days?
  11. Bushman, that sucks. Many moons ago I was dating a girl down in Pasadena. Her apartment complex was nasty McNasty! Typical south Houston ugliness. Heard gunshots before while sleeping over there. Hated it. Told her several times to leave that area and come out my way, but she refused...
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    Not to sound callous, or indifferent, but you are lucky that it didnt happen in front of your house. Yeah, its bad when rounds are heard popping off in close proximity ( I live in a Real nice Neighborhood), and have had between six and half dozen instances of someone where someone was popping off rounds.
  13. Well, there is a big diffrece in hearing gunfire pops somewhere in the distance (possibly legally if your out of the city limits) and hearing then one house away... then hearing screaming and hollering cause someone got shot in the chest.
  14. Sucks to see a good area infected with the cancer of crime and hoodlums. The neighborhood I'm in now is going down hill. My great dane nearly clearned a 6' privacy fence trying to get ahold of kids that had just jumped the neighbors fence when they saw me let my dogs out and have my .45 in my hand after they had been carrying on by the back door. It's insane what kids are willing to try nowadays. Used to be I'd sit on my back porch with just a wheelgun in my pocket, but after recent breakin attempts on my house and many problems resulting from the woods behind my house, I now sit on my back porch like I always have with my snubby in my pocket, but now I have my AR (or sometimes for kicks, my Mosin) sitting on the railing or leaned up against the wall next to me. Glad everything, for you atleast, turned out ok.
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    Its a shame this stuff keeps happening. I am lucky with where I live its all older folks who have been retired for years. My fear is that people dont live forever, so I can only hope good people will move in as the others in my area move on.
  16. Wish I could leave a long gun next to me... sadly thats asking to get arrested in anything but a rural area the places I been. Can't wait til I can retire to my farm with wife, kids, and enough land that I can a) shoot on it, and b) not have to worry about carrying around an AR with me.

    edit: and when I say not worry, I mean not have to worry about having the cops called on me for having it.
  17. I live in a neighborhood, BUT I have woods behind me, a hill side, and a 6' privacy fence on 2 or the 3 sides, and the one side without the tall fence has a chain link and 3 neighbors in a row worth of gun toting army sf guys. If anyone is scared of my gun back there, then they have a good reason to be.